Zachary Foxx (born July 9, 1999) is the tritagonist and a major character in the fanfiction series, The Savages. Zachary is a current and ninth member of The Savages, and formerly a football player with The Jocks. He is also a junior at James A. Masters High School. Zachary quits the Redhawks during a big football game and trades it for The Savages, after being bullied by the jocks and convinced by Trae Ventura to go out with a bang. In the beginning, Zachary was one of the jocks who were kindhearted but often isolated from other peers. Meeting Trae allowed Zachary to have guidance on how to be confident with himself and able to defend himself or anyone at all costs.

Zachary is mostly timid and kindhearted, but his anxiety and his experience with depression takes over him a lot. In The Psychological Warfare, his mother Kelly Anne reveals that he has an anxiety disorder and she aids him instantly for it. Zachary also has a prescription drug addiction to antidepressants that no one is aware of. However, Zachary mostly relies on Trae for comfort and a helping hand, as Trae makes him his protégé. This bond eventually turns into romantic feelings. Zachary is in love with Trae, but fears that his family will be the obstacle to their potential relationship.

Aside from Trae Ventura, Zachary has close friendships with Gina Woods and Sydney Prescott; he is very friendly with the rest of The Savages as well. A majority of his enemies are those who terrorized him in the football team. Zachary is gay, but only open to his mother and others in the school.

He is portrayed by Connor Paolo, and based on Slappuccino.


Before Zachary joined The Savages, he was a member of the James A. Mathers High School football team. However, he was only a substitute because The Jocks treated him horribly by bullying him and isolating him from the group. During his nightmare with The Jocks, Zachary met Trae by accidentally bumping into him in the hallway. The two quickly befriended each other and Zachary told Trae that the Jocks were bullying him and that he only joined the football team because it would of looked good on his resume. Trae gave him words of wisdom about how he should stand up for himself and Zachary did so. When Coach Radnor told him to play on the field he refused to do so and quit the football team, causing major aggro between him and the other Jocks, worse than before. When Zachary was collecting his things from his old locker the Jocks returned and were angry with him. They started pushing him, then Trae walked in the room to defend him with the other Savages, Trae told them to leave him alone since he was now a Savage. Zachary then walked over to the Savages and stood by them, making him the ninth member of The Savages.


Zachary is introduced by Trae Ventura as one of The Jocks in the cliques, but at this time, Trae wasn't familiar with him. ("The Mafia") Meanwhile, Zachary faces isolation and bullying from his peers on the football team, including his coach Jarrett Radnor. The football team treats him like a "Waterboy" and keeps him on the bench because of his poor performance and ignorance of sports. Tired of the constant animosity, he accidentally bumps into Trae who takes him as one of those "jocks," but after getting to know each other, Trae convinces Zachary to break away from sports if it's not his niche, giving him a welcoming offer to join The Savages if need be. Therefore, he decides to quit the football team in midst of a game and trades his status for The Savages. Eventually, after removing his things from a locker, he discovers two jocks: Brian and Viktor who are in the locker room having a sexual encounter. ("The Devil's Protégé")

Minutes after catching the two, he bumps into Trae once again and tells him of the event. He is then convinced by Trae that it is the best time for him to seek revenge on Brian and Viktor for their bullying. Zachary is then introduced to what Trae calls "the boomerang effect," later introducing him to the different cliques flaws and performing Ratchet Commandments with him. Later on, Zachary witnesses the video exposure during The Savages's performances, leaving him distraught. He is then attacked by Brian and Vik who accuse him of doing it. Zachary is defended by Trae, who attacks Vik for attacking him. (The Boomerang Effect)

Zachary's anxiety, after all of this, gets the best of him, especially when Trae warns him that Rose De Vil is targeting The Savages for the video scandal. Soon after being interrogated by Rose, he blames Trae for stirring up the 'boomerang effect' phrase and claiming that he doesn't like revenge anymore because of the consequences. However, he apologizes to Trae for his outburst, but only because of the fact that he has a secret romantic interest in him. ("The Feminist Manifesto")

Zachary's feelings, however, for Trae become rocky when he immediately assumes that he and Joe are a thing. After catching Trae and Joe kissing outside of the Rave in Portland, Oregon, he immediately decides to ignore Trae. ("The Wild Ride") This sudden ignorance continues on during the aftermath of the events in Portland, Oregon, and as he continues to ignore Trae's messages, he seeks advice from Gina when he questions Trae's commitment and the guys he's around. After Gina tells him that he will realize Zachary's feelings eventually and that he should be patient, Zachary reconsiders shutting out Trae, therefore apologizing for being angry at him. ("The School For Scandal")

But Zachary's anxiety returns, causing him to remain absent from school for a few days. He takes antidepressants to relieve his anxiety, and he later returns in search for Trae, but during the time he returns, Trae gets suspended. The two later reunite when Trae helps him with a panic attack in his room. The two, later, kiss each other for the first time. Zachary decides to join Trae's protest against the school, doing it for the sake of being there for Trae, like he was for him. ("The Psychological Warfare")

In the season finale, Zachary joins in the riot, while also defending Trae when he gets choked out by Joe. The two get into a physical altercation that Trae tries to save until he is shot by a police officer, who is, shockingly, Zachary's father. Zachary mourns and tells Trae that he loves him, before he faints from blood. Zachary has been devastated and believes that it's his fault for Trae's predicament; when he finally visits Trae in the hospital, he wakes up from his medically induced coma. When he wakes up, he meets Trae's mother and volunteers to help her while Trae recovers from his shots. However, he and Sydney both discover Trae's secret: that he is the mastermind behind the video scandal and the person responsible for leaking it. ("The Beast Unleashed")

Despite his awareness of Trae's evil deeds, he is convinced by Sydney to tell The Savages of his responsibility of the video scandal. But, he refuses to do so because of his lingering feelings for him and optimism that his motives were probably fair. He tries to keep Sydney from telling the members of the clique, but when Brian explains his past with Trae and their affair, he decides to go on with Sydney and reveal what they discovered. ("The Alibi")  However, he avoids the situation even more when Sydney proposes an idea to set an intervention for Trae, with the option to kick him out of The Savages. After he decides not to participate, he disappears until he reunites with Trae in the hallway. The two rekindle their bond and begin dating after Trae confesses his love for him, prior to what Zachary told him the day he was shot. ("The Scarlet Letters")

However, Zachary slowly collects guilt for not telling Trae about the riot immediately. But, as they explore their relationship, he accepts Trae for his biggest flaw: lack of commitment. Trae encourages Zachary to help him explore love. (The Conflict of Interest)

Songs Edit

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Young, Fresh N New The Wild Ride Alex, Carl, Gina, Joe, Lily, Nate, Sydney, and Trae
Troubeaux The School For Scandal Alex, Gina, and Trae
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Two
Song Episode Solos with
Everybody Wants To Rule The World] The Alibi Alex, Carl, Gina, Lily and Sydney
Secrets The Scarlet Letters Alex, Gina and Lily
Wreck The Malls The Roman Holiday Carl, Gina, Iesha, Lily and Sena


They say revenge is sweet... but it tastes bitter to me.

—Zachary Foxx, The Feminist Manifesto

Feminism is just what we make it; there’s really no purpose for me to elaborate because feminism will never go away.

—Zachary Foxx, The Feminist Manifesto


  • Zachary is the ninth person to join the Savages.