Viktor "Slick Vik" Nichols is a major recurring character on The Savages; he is a jock and football player for The Redhawks, as well as a junior student at James A. Masters High School. Despite his rude persona, particularly towards Zachary Foxx in the first season, he has a quirky, airhead-like personality. In the season, he is the center of conflict, when he and best friend Brian Gustin are caught in an inappropriate video scandal, thanks to Trae Ventura and Kalleb Banks. Although he considers himself heterosexual, the romantic and sexual tension between Brian and Vik is obvious. In Season 2, Vik joins The Glamouflage, a super-clique formed by Joe Bender and Nate Osbourne. Eventually, he comes to terms with his feelings for Brian, as well.

He is portrayed by Dave Franco and is based on RamerV.

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