Trae-Zachary Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Trach
Intimacy Level: Boyfriends
The Trae-Zachary Relationship, also known as Trach, is the platonic to romantic relationship between Trae Ventura and Zachary Foxx. In The Feminist Manifesto, Zachary develops a crush on Trae, but his feelings are scattered after discovering Trae and Joe kiss in The Wild Ride. Once this occurs, Zachary ignores Trae, who assumes that Zachary may have feelings for him. The two, later in The Psychological Warfare, kiss each other for the first time.


Season OneEdit

Trae takes Zachary under his wing in The Devil's Protégé and helps him defend himself from The Jocks, who ostracized him on the football team. Despite his first judgment of Zachary in the beginning, he offers him an exclusive spot in the Savages. Zachary relies on Trae's assistance after discovering his bullies Brian and Vik in a compromising position. Trae helps him put people's drama into the light, but the plan backfires when a video of Brian and Vik is exposed. Trae tries to protect Zachary and himself from being accused of the video scandal, but Zachary blames Trae for putting him in that predicament. Later, he apologizes to Trae for immediately blaming him, while secretly tackling romantic feelings for Trae, who isn't exactly aware of his crush. Zachary gives Trae the silent treatment after catching him and Joe kissing each other outside of the Oregon nightclub. Trae is confused by Zachary's attitude, until the two later reconcile. Despite being grounded, Trae sneaks out to Zachary's home only to help him with his panic episode. The two later kiss each other. In the season finale, Trae leads The Savages in a big riot at the school, but Trae is shot down by a police officer, who turns out to be Zachary's father on duty. Zachary soon discovers that Trae is primarily responsible for Brian and Vik's video scandal while he is hospitalized, because he and Sydney discover the evidence in his bedroom.

Season TwoEdit

A month later, Zachary contemplates telling The Savages about Trae's hidden agenda, but Sydney is urged to do so. Despite Sydney telling him it's for the best, Zachary is between a rock and a hard place because of his feelings for Trae.


The Devil's Protégé
Trae and Zachary meet in the hallways, after Zachary accidentally bumped into Trae. At first, Trae was irate, but he was taken aback by Zachary's immediate response: he helped pick up Trae's items. Once Trae realizes that Zachary isn't exactly the type of football jock that he expected, Trae apologizes, revealing how unusual it is interacting with someone outside of his clique. The two, then, engage in a conversation about Zachary's disinterest in the football team, and isolation from the members.

Sympathetic about his mistreatment on the team, Trae agrees to interact with Zachary the next day to solve his problem. During lunch, Trae concludes that Zachary is passive and the jocks take advantage of him. While Zachary doesn't want to be tough like the other jocks, he wants to defend himself; Trae convinces Zachary to act stubborn towards the team, and offers him a spot in The Savages if plans go awry. Meanwhile, as Lily and Sydney perform Hollaback Girl in the cafeteria, Trae and Zachary are seen dancing with each other.

During the football game night, Trae leaves Zachary a text message, encouraging Zachary to stand against the jocks. Once Zachary decides to abruptly quit the team, and he is confronted by Slick Vik, Brian, and Matt, Trae comes to Zachary's defense, immediately welcoming him to The Savages to prove that he belongs.

The Boomerang Effect
Soon after Zachary discovers Brian and Vik in a romantic encounter in the locker rooms, Zachary bumps into Trae, who notices Zachary's concerned expressions. When Zachary reveals Brian and Vik's compromising position, Trae laughed hysterically, as if he knew about it. He claimed that he knew that at least Brian or Vik were secretly hiding their sexuality. When Zachary wishes he could seek vengeance on the jocks, Trae comes up with "The Boomerang Process," another term for a plot for revenge.

Later that day, Trae and Zachary are outside of the courtyard, and gives Zachary a "lesson" in "Reality Check 101," and they both perform Ratchet Commandments together, while Trae confronts a few students publicly of their deeds. During the school assembly, Trae and Zachary are both seen in shock when Brian and Vik's video is exposed during The Savages's performance. Brian and Vik physically provoke Zachary in the boys' restroom until Trae, once again, comes to Zachary's defense. He is involved in an altercation with Vik when he sticks to Zachary's statement of their lack of involvement with the exposure.

The Feminist Manifesto
While Trae and other members of the Savages head to the movies, Zachary sends Trae a text message asking to talk. Trae quickly responds, informing him that he would talk later. The next morning, Trae approached Zachary in the hallways, warning him about Rose De Vil and her suspicions of the video. Trae, then, suggests that Zachary should reveal he was inside of the locker room when it happened, but Zachary fears that De Vil would label him as an accomplice. Trae also suggests that he should make a sensible alibi, and then he departed.

After Zachary is interrogated by Rose De Vil, he blames and confronts Trae for his attempt at seeking revenge on Vik and Brian. Frustrated by his questioning, he walks away from Trae angrily. Meanwhile, Zachary notices Trae in a conversation with a suave new member of the Moneybags, Mike Daugherty, and he became jealous, fearing that Trae would avoid him after his confrontation. Zachary felt remorseful for his outburst, and he approached Trae to apologize to him, but in a fantasy, he believes that he is kissing Trae, which reveals his attraction to him. Trae claims that Zachary is his "new bro" and despite feeling relieved, Zachary's fantasies still remained in his mind.

The Wild Ride

The School For Scandal

The Psychological Warfare

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Sang Together (In A Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Young, Fresh N New The Wild Ride Alex, Carl, Gina, Joe, Lily, Nate, and Sydney
Troubeaux The School For Scandal Alex and Gina
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