The Wild Ride is the fifth episode of The Savages' first season and the fifth episode overall. It premiered on July 21, 2015.

It is written by REBƎLReloaded.

The Savages ditch school for a road trip; however, plans go awry when the group (stranded out in the middle of nowhere) help Carl focus on completing a mission that may put him and the Savages in jeopardy. Meanwhile, Sydney becomes irritated by Nate’s unusual behavior. Alex and Gina rekindle their friendship. Trae gets into an unexpected position with Joe, who continues to manipulate and get information out of him. Rose De Vil continues the scandal investigation, targeting Dirty Dan.

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In the beginning of this episode, Carl's father, Eric is introduced as an accomplice in the drug market in Portland, Oregon. While arriving to a drug mastermind's headquarters, he expresses doubts about his fate. He approaches Eli Hawk and his sidekicks, Montano and Scooter. Hawk asks for the money he expected, and his sidekick discovers that Eric does not have enough. Hawk is infuriated, asking originally for $50,000, but Eric gives him $25,000. Eric defends himself, telling Hawk to accept the money or leave it. In order to emphasize that he wants the money, Hawk gives Eric a physical and violent demonstration - in his headquarters, a victim, Mickey, is held hostage and tortured to death. Eric becomes frightened after Hawk threatens to torture him in the same way. After Eric leaves, Hawk demands his team to burn Mickey to death. Eric, meanwhile, returns home and keeps half of Hawk's $50,000 in his trunk. He enters his bedroom, and his wife, Karen, wakes from her sleep after he returns back home. Eric calmly tells her to go back to sleep.

In a dream sequence, Gina leads The Savages on a beach where they perform Nude Beach A Go-Go in front of a myriad of people who dance along. Carl wakes up from his dream, and via voice-over, claims that he and The Savages need a mental and physical break from the commotion at James A. Masters High School. He gathers an idea to ditch school for a day to travel to Portland, Oregon, where his father "works". While entering the kitchen undressed for school, he argues playfully with his brother, Caiden, and his sister Charlotte. Eric enters the kitchen in professional attire, and makes lies about his job after Karen questions his late night shifts. Carl, eventually, asks to use his father's van for the next two days after losing gas in his car, and his parents acknowledge his irresponsibility with the car. He makes another lie, claiming to sleep over at Trae's house for a Grand Theft Auto tournament. When his father allows his father to use his van, Carl is ecstatic, while Eric has a feeling that he will not last with his van (he also remains unaware of the money inside of the trunk).

At school, Trae approaches Alex angrily for money that he owes him, prior to the events in The Feminist Manifesto. Alex, at first, remains nonchalant and innocent about the situation. In a flashback, Alex and Gina enter the movie theater after buying snacks with Trae's money. When Trae asks for his change, he realizes that he is about $10 short, until Alex reveals he used it to tip a cashier. Trae becomes infuriated, reminding Alex that he owes him. After Alex is reminded of the money he owes Trae, he tells Trae to be patient. Trae over-exaggerates over how patient he has been, and assumes he was trying to impress Gina at the movie theater, which Alex denies. Their conversation is interrupted when Trae realizes that Joe is giving him unusual stares from afar. Alex reveals that he dislikes Joe because he is not trustworthy, while Trae thinks that he is cute. Meanwhile, Joe tells Nate about his scheme to woo Trae.

In Rose De Vil's office, GinaLily, and Sydney are admonished for their feminist movement in the previous episode. Rose gives a myriad of insults to the girls before warning tem about their feminist behavior. Gina, however, defends herself by claiming that she refuses to be controlled by boys, making a Fifty Shades of Grey reference, In order to atone for this behavior, Rose gives the girls two options - a four-day suspension with a mandatory parent conference or detention. Implying that they will take the detention, the girls exit her office, while Lily askes her for coffee.

Outside of the courtyard, The Savages express their misery at James A. Masters High School, and Carl reveals the idea to go on a road trip to a beach in Portland, Oregon. At first, most of The Savages disagree with the idea, specifically Nate, who doesn't agree with going to a beach in 60 degree weather. Rufus explains his inability to go, due to mandatory football practice. Alex makes a snide comment towards Rufus, which he seems to be confused of. The others agree with Carl's idea, and decide to make it official. 

At Trae's house, his mother Stacey and stepfather Sean's sexual and romantic encounter is interrupted by Trae, who reminds his mother that he will sleepover at Carl's house. When Stacey quickly agrees, she closes the door on Trae, which excites him. He calls Carl, confirming that he is able to go on the trip. That next morning, The Savages individually wake up and exit their homes, meeting up at the parking lot while performing Young, Fresh N NewMinutes later, Carl arrives with his father's van, and The Savages all enter inside.

Back at school, Mr. Baxter realizes that his classroom is unusually empty, deprived of Trae, Gina, and Joe's presence, while he discusses his new book with his classroom. Slick Vik also realizes this, and looks at the empty desks. Meanwhile, Matt gets into a disagreement with Rufus when he confronts him for joining the Savages. He becomes concerned that Rufus may ruin his reputation and his future because he decided to join, and Rufus confronts him for changing his reputation in the worst way. Feeling offended by Rufus's statement, he asks where are his friends. 

In the van, Sydney becomes irritated by Nate's behavior, and Joe starts to encourage Nate to defend himself over Sydney. In order to break the silence during a long ride, Trae and the Savages perform Ready Or Not/Ready Or Not together. Later on, Dirty Dan has sexual relations with a student in the janitor's closet, in order to demand him to help with his Spanish homework. After he exits the janitor's closet, Rose approaches him and Dirty Dan fears the possible consequences.

Meanwhile, Trae becomes hungry and irritated, prior to his grumpy behavior during the long ride. Luckily, the Savages stop at a gas station. Trae and Carl enter together, despite the CLOSED sign, and the two overhear sexual noises from afar. They discover the two cashiers, Kyle and Alison are having sex behind the counter. After Trae demands service, Kyle greets them with hospitality, and Carl and Kyle interact when Kyle convinces him to buy gas at a limited price; the two also discuss Kyle's life, as he owns the gas station and goes to college. Afterwards, Alison convinces Kyle to continue their sexual pleasure, until Carl realizes that he knows Alison, who babysitted him as a child. The two, however, are not on good terms - the two insult each other, leading to Trae's entrance. Alison calls Trae a gorilla after he picks up a variety of snacks, and the two get into a heated argument. 

After Carl and Trae exit the gas station, Trae assumes that Kyle is gay and he likes Carl, which Carl immediately denies, despite the fact that he lied about himself to impress Kyle. Inside of the car, Carl recalls the altercation between Trae and Alison, forcing Sydney to exit, hinting their familiarity with each other. The Savages try to stop her.

In Rose De Vil's office, Dirty Dan worries of possible consequences, although he is unsure of what he has done. When Rose continues to hint things, Dan wants to know if he did anything wrong, calling himself a 17-year old horny boy. When Rose accuses Dan of being responsible for Brian and Vik's video scandal, he pushes it aside, claiming that he wouldn't do anything like that. However, Rose interrogates him, finding ways to put fear into him. Dan, meanwhile, leaves her office, and he accidentally bumps into Kalleb, who questions what's wrong with him. Dan, however, confronts him for claiming to be his friend. Rufus overhears their conversation, but not clearly. Dan tells Kalleb to leave him alone.

After a long ride, The Savages worry if they are lost; Zachary notices, according to the map, that a certain route takes 2 hours and 3 hours to get to Portland, Oregon. When Carl isn't sure of the route, the Savages confirm that they are possibly lost, and at an inopportune time, the van breaks down, forcing Carl to believe that Kyle is at fault. 

Later on, Trae and Carl stall for themselves while Carl has a phone call with his mother, who asks if they would want her to pick them up from school. After Carl hangs up the phone, Zachary becomes anxious and frustrated, and Trae consoles him. Nate and Sydney, meanwhile, get into an argument when Sydney confronts Nate for complaining nonstop during the ride.

Four hours later, Carl tries to fix the car, leaving the Savages stranded in the middle of nowhere. Trae finds the urge to converse with Zachary, but his plans are pushed aside when Joe makes the effort to interact with him. Joe and Trae smoke cigarettes together while they discuss what Trae wants to do after graduating high school. Joe begins to dig into Trae's personal life, and Trae senses a motive. Suddenly, Trae gets a phone call and breaks off the conversation. Joe feels like he almost has Trae right where he wants him. 

Meanwhile, Gina is sitting alone near a fire that the Savages have set for light and warmth, when Alex offers her cookies and a hoodie. He asks if he can join her, and the two share a cookie. Gina thanks Alex again for defending her at the movie theater the week prior, saying that may have come off as ungrateful, but she is not used to a guy defending her. Alex wonders if she hasn't met the right guy to defend her yet. Gina agrees, stating that the only guy who was ever really kind to her was in preschool, and she admits that he resembles Alex. Alex states that he attended the same school she mentioned, and tells her the name of his teacher. Gina reveals that she had the same teacher, and the two realize that they have known each other a lot longer than they assumed. 

Carl continues to struggle with the van, so he decides to look in the back to find some tools to assist. He is astonished whenever he stumbles upon the money his father had hidden in the car, which attracts Trae's attention. The two are shocked together, and Carl wonders what he has just found. Trae wonders how Carl's dad has all this money, which leads Carl to wonder if his father is in fact a drug dealer. Suddenly, Kyle arrives and asks the Savages what they are doing out at night, which leads to Trae and Carl sharing a look. Carl feels very confused, but begins to fantasize about what it would be like to have the kind of money his father had. This lead's to Carl's dream-sequence performance of Four Door Aventador.  

After Carl's fantasy ends, he joins the rest of the Savages as they watch Kyle work on the van. Gina and Lily discuss how he is cute but also obviously gay. Carl is upset with Kyle and continues to blame him for the car troubles, but Kyle discovers that the battery is outdated. Kyle states it will take 4-5 days to fix, but he has a car battery to spare. Carl is still angry with him, saying it wouldn't be the first time he screwed them over. Trae explains that Carl is mad about the super gasoline, but will forgive Kyle. Carl says he won't, but Trae warns him to, saying that they might get charged for this, so Carl needs to act right or their families will kill them when they get home. Carl agrees, still upset, and Kyle admits that the Savages were his first customers, since most people get chased off by Alison. Trae and Carl ask him why he doesn't fire her, and Kyle admits that Alison will out him as a homosexual if he does. Kyle admits that Alison is his beard, and Carl begins to bond with him, feeling as though he lives a lie as well due to his father. As Kyle goes back to fixing the car, Carl admits to Trae that he was right about Kyle's sexuality, and the two wait with the rest of the Savages while Kyle fixes the car. 

A few minutes later, the van is fixed and The Savages get inside. After finding out they were heading to Portland, Kyle tells them that he was headed to The Rave club, and invites them along. Lily is hesitant, since they are all underage, but Kyle promises them entry. The group leaves to follow Kyle to the club, but do not realize that Eli Hawk and his two sidekicks are watching the van from far away, making sure that it begins to Eric Touché. 

At the Ventura household, Trae's mother Stacey starts to wonder if her son is okay, and begins to dial his number, but her husband Sean convinces her to stop, and tells her to let Trae have fun. The two relax and continue to watch television.  

At 8:30PM, Kyle and the Savages arrive at The Rave and begin to head inside. They are stopped at the door by T.J., the bouncer, who doesn't want to let the Savages in since they are underage. Kyle tips T.J., which convinces him to let the group in, and the teens are amazed by the environment. Kyle tells them he is a bartender, and heads off to go grab some drinks for everyone. Gina and Zachary are both unsure about drinking, but Lily is excited. She wonders if Kyle has a brother, which causes Sydney and Gina to look at her. 

Kyle arrives at the bar and speaks to his friend and co-worker, Keisha Donovan. She is glad that he arrived, and realizes that he brought in the Savages. He admits they are underage, but he paid T.J. off. Keisha tells him that Tommy is going to fire them both if they aren't careful, to which Kyle says that Tommy loves him and that he has brought people before. Keisha reminds him of when he brought Alison, and wonders why he keeps himself in a cage to please her. Kyle agrees, and takes the drinks to the Savages.  

Meanwhile, the Savages are enjoying themselves, but Gina is still hesitant about drinking, since she has never done so. When Kyle arrives with the drinks, everyone but Nate hesitates. Zachary is convinced by Kyle to drink, and he drinks it quickly, but doesn't really enjoy it. Once Trae drinks, Gina does as well, and is quickly buzzed, ordering another vodka. Keisha asks if the group are new to the club life, and Trae begins to flirt with her. Keisha shoots Trae down as she gives Gina another drink. As Gina continues to drink, she begins to feel drunk. This leads to her singing 2 On with Trae as the two walk around the club.  

The Savages continue to drink, but Joe and Trae sneak out to the van to smoke weed. The two feel both drunk and high, and make jokes. Trae tells Joe he is fucked up, and Joe states that his mother is going to kill him. Joe then wonders why Trae was all over girls in the club that night, stating that he thought he was gay. Trae tells Joe that he is too sexy for just one gender, and Joe agrees. Trae is shocked, and Joe quickly begins to kiss Trae. Trae holds back, but gets into it. The two are interrupted by Zachary, who came out to tell them about something Gina had done. Trae pulls back, but Zachary still walks off, disappointed due to the fact he has a crush on Trae, but cannot be mad since Trae doesn't know. Trae walks away, confused, and Joe smirks, calling Trae a sucker.  

At 9:30PM, Eli Hawk and his sidekicks are getting closer to The Rave, and Eli states he knows where he is going.  

Back inside The Rave, Carl begins to feel attracted to Kyle. Lily and Sydney notice that he is staring, and Sydney comments on it, telling Carl if he likes Kyle, he should just talk to him. Carl mentions that it takes him a while to open up about his feelings with someone, and he also saw him having sex with a girl earlier, and Lily continues to make sexual jokes about Kyle. Sydney reminds Carl that he will be eighteen the next year, and if he is interested in Kyle, he should try to get to know him more. This leads to Carl and the Savage Girls performing Full Moon. Carl realizes that it was another fantasy, but wants to interact with Kyle before the day ends. 

Back in Seattle, Stacey Ventura decides to call Karen Touché, who she has been friends with since their sons were children. They converse for a while before Stacey asks if Trae is okay. Karen is confused, saying that Carl had asked to spend the night with Trae, and Stacey tells her that Trae asked to spend the night with Carl. Both mothers begin to panic, and they hang up from each other. Karen tells Eric that Carl lied, and Eric tracks Carl's phone, realizing that he is in Portland, Oregon. Eric worries that Carl has been kidnapped by Eli Hawk, but tells Karen that he will find Carl and he knows where he is, leaving without another word. 

Back at The Rave, Carl and Kyle talk about how Kyle met Alison. Kyle tells Carl that the two met at college orientation and went on one date, but after that, Alison decided they were dating. Carl wonders if Kyle's family knows he is gay, and Kyle admits that his mother is deceased, and that his father was not in his life, which resulted in him moving from foster home to foster home. Carl tells Kyle it was hard for him to come out, saying that he came from a wealthy family and it took his parents a while to accept it. He then feels bad about telling Kyle he was older than he was, and decides to come clean. Kyle admits that he already knew that Carl wasn't a senior. Kyle is cool with it and Carl is relieved, admitting that he didn't want Kyle to think he was lying to impress him. Kyle jokingly questions that, and Carl realizes to himself that he is in fact trying to impress Kyle. Carl tells Kyle that he is a 17 year old rebel that ditched school for this, and Kyle jokingly calls him Ferris Bueller, causing the two to laugh. 

Outside The Rave, Hawk, Scooter, and Montano are trying to get inside. T.J. asks for ID, but is attacked by Scooter. The three enter the club, looking for Eric since they know that his van is outside, and begin to search the club. 

Trae, Lily, Alex, Zachary, and Sydney are sitting at the bar stools in silence while Keisha serves other guests. Trae is drinking lots of water to feel sober again. Zachary is silent, feeling disappointed still, which confuses Trae. Keisha tells the group that they need to check on Gina, who is dancing inappropriately on tables. Trae angrily wonders who told Gina to drink, and Lily states she didn't think Gina would get this drunk. Alex stands up, saying he will take care of it. He gets Gina off the table, to which she drunkenly calls him Hercules. Alex asks Keisha for a water, to which she asks if she looks like a maid. Trae states she looks more like his future baby mama. Keisha scoffs and gives Alex the water, and Alex tries to get Gina to drink it, but she refuses. When Sydney takes the bottle and is more aggressive with Gina, she is slapped by Gina, who is confusing her for her old nemesis, Abcde. Alex pulls Gina away from Sydney while the others are shocked. Everyone watches as Gina suddenly gets sick, and all get up to avoid that. Alex sticks around to take care of Gina, who is consoled by him after she cries over wanting Jell-O pudding. 

At 10:00 PM, the Savages head outside to get into the van. Alex carries Gina, Sydney and Lily walk while Sydney holds ice to her face, and Trae and Zachary awkwardly walk next to each other. Trae begins to speak to Zachary, who ignores him. Joe smirks and Trae begins to wonder again why Joe kissed him. Alex tries to get Gina into the van, but she stubbornly fights him, while also flirting with him. Once he convinces her to get in, he also gets in. As the group get inside, Carl stays out to speak to Kyle. Carl apologizes about Gina, but Kyle admits that all of Carl's friends are cool. Kyle gives Carl his number and the two separate, with Carl feeling completely attracted to Kyle now. Suddenly, Eli, Montano, and Scooter walk out of the club and head towards the group, looking bloodthirsty. Trae yells at Carl to get inside of the van, and Carl gets inside, locking the door. Everyone buckles up, and as Born To Be Wild begins, Carl quickly drives away from the club, while being pursued by the trio of antagonists. 

The group all yells at Carl to drive carefully, but he tells them they are chasing him and he has to hurry and get out of there. Suddenly, Scooter begins to shoot at the van and the Savages all freak out, exclaiming. Suddenly, Trae begins to throw the snacks from earlier at the other car, cracking the windshield. As Scooter pulls up alongside the van and Hawk tells the group to pull over, Trae throws food at Scooter, causing their car to drive off into the woods. Trae rolls the window up, and the Savages cheer for him - except for Zachary, who is still angry and scared, and Gina, who is asleep. Suddenly, Carl sees a tree trunk and everyone freaks out - Trae, Nate, and Joe all scream while Sydney and Lily close their eyes and Alex holds Gina while she sleeps. Carl avoids the tree trunk and stops the car. 

Everyone feels relieved, but Zachary begins to hyperventilate, so Sydney consoles him. Carl asks if everyone is okay and turns to see everyone groaning after the hard stop. Carl admits to Trae that maybe the road trip wasn't the best idea. Suddenly, the group realize that there is a police car behind them as the flashing lights illuminate the van. Trae agrees with Carl that the trip was a bad idea, and the Savages all begin to turn, fearing the consequences. Gina wakes up still in Alex's arms and asks the group if anyone has any Jell-O pudding, to which Trae and Carl both look at her. They then both turn to look at the windshield, and await what happens next, with Trae rubbing his face with frustration and Carl saying "Shit." as the episode ends. 


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Nude Beach A Go-Go Azealia Banks Gina Woods with The Savages
Young, Fresh N New Kelis The Savages
Ready Or Not/Ready Or Not Bridgit Mendler/The Fugees
Four Door Aventador Nicki Minaj Carl Touché
2 On Tinashe feat. Schoolboy Q Gina Woods and Trae Ventura
Full Moon Brandy Carl Touché with The Savages Girls
Born To Be Wild Steppenwolf The Savages

Unreleased SongsEdit

  • Problem by Natalia Kills. Sung by AlexLily, and Zachary. The song is also in the background.
  • Yonce by Beyonce. Sung by The Savages. The song is also in the background.

Background SongsEdit

  • Don't Tell 'Em by Jeremih feat. YG. The song is in the background at a nightclub.
  • No Sleeep by Janet Jackson. The song is in the background at a nightclub.

Guest CastEdit

Special Guest Star
Guest Stars


  • This episode is centered around Carl.
  • This episode features Carl's first and second solos in the series.
  • This episode is the first to include more than 5 songs in an episode.
  • This is the first episode to include more than one dream sequence.
  • The episode is the first to have an extended edition.
  • This episode's extended edition is the first to feature two solos by the same character.
  • This episode is the first to include more than one group number.
  • This is the first episode that Alex, Carl, Lily, and Nate are featured as soloists in more than one song.
  • This episode includes the first appearance of the entire Touché family.
  • As such, this is also the first appearance of siblings of a member of The Savages.
  • This is the first episode where every song is exclusively sung by members of The Savages.
  • This episode premiered on a Tuesday.