The School For Scandal is the sixth episode of The Savages'  first season and the sixth episode overall. It premiered August 10, 2015.

It is written by REBƎLReloaded.

After a new discovery ties to Brian and Vik's video scandal, the person behind the commotion remains a mystery. Alex's plans to become closer to Gina are distracted by his problematic cousin, Andres, who joins the school board and arrives with an unexpected visitor. Rose's depression forces her to go to a professional therapist to reveal a dark past. Meanwhile, Lily puts a wedge in Rufus and Matt's friendship as Matt vies for her affection, and a teacher jeopardizes his job while having an affair with Sena. Zachary seeks advice from Gina when he admits his feelings for Trae.

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The episode focuses on Alex, prior to the events in The Wild Ridewhere his mother confronts him for ditching school for Portland, Oregon. While his mother is yelling in Spanish, Alex develops thoughts about Gina, and via voice-over, he reflects on his troubled childhood before he moved to Seattle. He was originally born in Bedford-Stuyvesant, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. After exaggerating on the rough times in the neighborhood, he recalls the belligerence he witnessed as a child in his family: arguments with his brothers and sisters, and his mother and father. Returning back to reality, he complies with his mother's demands, ending his voice-over with "Welcome to my life."

In a rewind segment, the commotion in Portland, Oregon is explored when The Savages are sent to the police station for questions and safety. The members, including TraeLily, and Alex, and Carl remains optimistic until his father arrives. His father enters the station and decides to keep Carl out of trouble, and allows Trae to stay with them for the night. Lily flirts with Carl's father, and Alex continued to worry about his mother's arrival and the consequences he would face.

Two days later, Alex woke up for the first school day of the week, but his family teases him for being sent to the police station, assuming he was actually arrested when he wasn't. His mother, Maria, lectures him about his behaviors and his actions in and out of school, and then announces that his cousin, Andres would be staying with them for a while. Infuriated, Alex feels punished, due to Alex's awareness that his cousin is a troublemaker. However, Andres's mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and is getting chemotherapy, so Maria and the family plans to welcome and comfort him, forcing Alex to do the same.

Back at James A. Masters High School, Trae, Carl, Sydney, and Nate all walk together, but Trae's awkward silence, and Nate's appearance surprises Sydney, who assumes that he's around since Joe is absent from school. Trae's silence, meanwhile, is due to his focus on Zachary, who has been ignoring his text messages after he kissed Joe, and also his mother's realization of his Portland, Oregon escape, and Rose De Vil's annoying rules. He is determined to take action, but Nate blames the changes in The Savages for the hiatus. Meanwhile, Watermelondrea Jones pays the school an unexpected visit and exchanges banter with Sydney and Nate, while also flirting with Trae. She returns to promote her music to the school, to which Carl asks to purchase. Sydney considers Watermelondrea to still be delusional after her departure.

Rose De Vil arrives at the school under the weather. In the teacher's lounge, music teacher Angela Jones becomes concerned and persuades her to go to her therapist, Dr. Sonya Mitchell. Hesitant at first, Jones convinces Rose that Mitchell is the remedy to her problems. Later on, Alex's anger at home accidentally rubs off on Gina, who recovered from her drunken behavior in the previous episode. Gina starts to finally develop romantic feelings for Alex when he reveals that he was worried about her well-being that day. To vent her feelings, she performs Fallen.

While in Mr. Baldwin's classroom, Iesha starts to sense Sena's unusual behavior towards the teacher. Meanwhile, Lily begins to notice Matt giving uncomfortable and flirtatious gestures towards her. In a voice-over, she immediately reveals that Matt isn't her type and despises boys who stare at her in a sexual manner. Later on, the video scandal continues to emerge on social media, concerning Viktor, who assumes that Brian may be responsible for the video's popularity online. Due to its popularity, the Savages try to dig deeper into who's really responsible for the video's impact on the school. 

Alex returns back to his home, unprepared to reunite with Andres. His mother allows Andres to go to school with Alex the next day, and also must share a room with Alex, much to his anger. 

While The Red Hot Cheer Peppers gossip about Viktor and Brian's video scandal, Matt approaches Lily with an awkward, flirtatious line that Lily isn't impressed with. Angelika and Brianna notice Matt's behaviors from afar and comment that Iesha would be enraged if she noticed what he was doing to Lily, who continues to deny Matt's desperate favors. Lily, Matt and The Red Hot Cheer Peppers perform Beep in the hallway. As Matt comments, "This isn't over," Lily has a plan: using Rufus as a pawn to drive Matt away from her.

Brian and his parents confront Rose for not taking enough action to handle the video scandal investigation. His parents exclaim that Brian is all over the media, while Rose questions why Brian and Vik were in a romantic position in a public school in the first place. His father goes on to threaten the school if they fail to find a way to end the scandal, leaving Rose in distress. After Brian leaves the office, Viktor provokes him in the restroom and accuses him of being responsible for the video. Brian denies this assumption and claims that they are both affected no matter who did it. The two argue over unrequited feelings for each other, and Viktor blames him for ruining his life and losing his family, and tells Brian to get over their fling before exiting. An unknown student eavesdropped in the bathroom stalls.

As Alex tries to get closer to Gina the next day, Andres gets in the way. Alex isn't pleased, while Andres admits to loving James A. Masters High School more than his school in Los Angeles, Garfield. In a voice-over, Alex reveals why he's so hostile towards Andres because of his troublesome ways, but his main goal is to become more than friends with Gina. He fears that Andres will be an obstacle to reaching his goal.

Matt continues to give flirtatious gestures to Lily while she has a conversation with Sydney. Lily makes her plot by convincing Rufus to go on a date with her. When Rufus agrees, Matt notices from afar and confronts him, saying that Lily wants him and not Rufus.

Sena enters Mr. Baldwin's classroom for a romantic encounter, and someone took pictures of them while they were making out. After that, Sena comes to practice late, and Iesha questions Sena's whereabouts, although she's already aware that she's having an affair with Mr. Baldwin. Sena admits to the affair, but demands Iesha not to tell anyone about it, aware of the consequences. 

After rejecting a night at the diner with Gina and Zachary, Alex is forced to have a family dinner with Andres, and his girlfriend, Marisol, who's Alex's ex-girlfriend. Alex is completely infuriated with this and confronts Andres for dating her. But Andres is aware that Alex isn't angry about her, but angry about Andres being in the household. Alex finally reveals that Andres is a troublemaker and always puts him in uncomfortable situations. Andres takes the initative of leaving, while his parents convince him to stay. At the diner, Lily and Rufus are on a dinner date, but Lily becomes annoyed with Rufus' excessive talking. She immediately admits that she only used Rufus to get back at Matt. Rufus already knew her intentions because of Matt, and he reveals to Lily that Matt was 'cheating' on Iesha. Lily has the idea to tell Iesha herself that Matt is a womanizer.

Gina and Zachary are at the diner as well, and Gina tries to cheer Zachary up. However, he's in a dilemma, so he asked Gina for advice. Zachary reveals to Gina that he has feelings for Trae, but he feels friend-zoned and believes that Trae won't reciprocate the same feelings. Gina tells Zachary that Trae isn't an easy person when it comes to mutual feelings, and that Zachary should be patient. Zachary then performs Say Ok in a fantasy, where he approaches Trae, who is caught up with Mike and Dirty Dan.

That same night, Rose goes to the therapist Ms. Jones recommended to her. Rose vents to Dr. Mitchell about her stress and her secret affair with Coach Radnor. She revealed that Rose and Coach Radnor knew each other before they worked together at James A. Masters High; Rose admits to being a stripper and that's how they met each other. In a flashback sequence, Rose performs Fucked My Way Up To The Top as "Rosebud" until the pole falls down and she falls along.

Alex and Marisol have closure; Alex despised Marisol because she abandoned him without saying goodbye, but Marisol believed that because of the long distance, their relationship wouldn't have lasted. She convinces Alex to give Andres a chance. The two reconcile with each other after years of animosity and Marisol leaves to go back home.

Sydney questions Lily's date with Rufus, which leads to Iesha confronting Matt in front of the entire school. Iesha slaps Matt for cheating on her and trying to flirt with Lily. She publicly breaks up with him despite Matt's constant denial and she thanks Lily for telling her the truth. This same day, Alex attempts to avoid Andres after a tense argument, by pulling Trae and Carl in the bathroom for a conversation. Trae, meanwhile, questions Zachary's silent treatment towards him and assumes that he may have feelings for Trae, while also revealing to Alex and Carl that Joe kissed him in Oregon. Alex and Carl warn Trae about Joe, and they draw a possible conclusion that he was responsible for the video scandal, hence his long absence from school.

Meanwhile, Alex apologizes to Andres for his rude behavior, saying that he forgot the fact that Andres was hurting over his mother's cancer scare, and Andres tries to convince Alex that he's not troublesome anymore. After reconciling, Andres allows Alex to go to Gina to approach her. The two kiss each other after finally agreeing to go on a date. At this same point, Zachary finally breaks silence with Trae and they both apologize for whatever they did to each other. The power couples: Alex, Gina, Trae and Zachary both reminisce on their feelings for each other while performing Troubeaux.

The final scene is a rewind segment, where an unknown figure uploads Brian and Vik's video under the name 'TripleDz' and a password. The video is uploaded on a computer with a Top Secret sign.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Fallen Mya Gina Woods
Beep The Pussycat Dolls ft. Lily Blossom and Matt Park with The Red Hot Cheer Peppers
Somebody Natalie La Rose The Red Hot Cheer Peppers
Say Ok Vanessa Hudgens Zachary Foxx
Fucked My Way Up To The Top Lana Del Rey Rose De Vil
Troubeaux Jennifer Lopez feat. Nas Alex HerreraGina Woods,
Trae Ventura, and Zachary Foxx

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Special Appearances By
  • Nicki Minaj as Dr. Sonya Mitchell
  • Rico Rodriguez as Young Fernando
  • Raini Rodriguez as Young Isabella
Special Guest Stars
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  • This is the second episode of the season to be narrated by a character other than Trae. This episode's narration is taken over by Alex.
  • This episode is centered around Alex and Rose.
  • This episode introduces many characters who are related to Alex, such as his cousin, Andres, his parents Armando and Maria, and his sister Izzy.
  • This episode also includes the first on-screen appearance of Alex's ex-girlfriend Marisol, who has been mentioned by many different characters throughout the season.
  • The episode focuses less on Trae Ventura, who gets less airtime than usual in this episode, in favor of the other characters.
  • This is the first episode in where The Red Hot Cheer Peppers perform in more than two songs in an episode.
  • This episode features Alex and Marisol resolving the ending of their relationship, and Alex allowing himself to move on with Gina. It also features Alex and Gina's first kiss and agreeing to go on a date.