The Feminist Manifesto is the fourth episode of The Savages' first season and the fourth episode overall. It premiered on June 28, 2015.

It is written by REBƎLReloaded.

Gina takes the lead as an advocate of feminism, teaming up with two unexpected allies, Sydney and Lily to create a feminist organization for the school environment. As the feminism riots create conflicts for the boys and girls, Trae and Zachary face accusations of being responsible for the video scandal. Alex becomes infuriated when Carl befriends Rufus, who loses his interest in the football team. Meanwhile, a showdown between The Red Hot Cheer Peppers fight for their extracurricular privileges, and becomes involved in a showdown with Felix and The Moneybags

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The episode takes place immediately after the events of The Boomerang Effect, with Trae going to the principal's office. As he enters the office, Rose asks him to take a seat. She offers him coffee, but Trae wants to cut right to the chase. Rose agrees, and Trae asks why he is there. Rose states that first of all, she was unhappy with the way the Savages interrupted the assembly. Trae tells her that they saved the assembly, and the five minutes before, everyone was tearing Rose to shreds. Rose tells him it is the duty of students to be respectful to maintain harmony in the school. Trae tells her that the musical number was not inappropriate, and she should be proud of how artistic her students are. Rose tells him she doesn't need sarcasm and the inappropriate part was the video of Vik and Brian making out afterwards. Trae says the Savages are innocent, and Rose states that he knows who did it. Trae says if he did, he wouldn't tell her. Rose tells him that she has known him for a while and that she is good friends with his mother, Stacey Ventura. Trae is aware that his mother wasn't her friend anymore, but Rose states that Trae used to be sweet, but he turned disrespectful just like his mother. Trae tells her that his mother hates her, and that if she continued to speak like that, he could have his mother go to the school board for harassing students, especially one that has almost a perfect GPA and awesome test scores. Trae gets up and tells her that she is a nut if she thinks he is responsible. Trae leaves, irritated, and Rose smirks.

In a voice over, Gina discusses what feminism is to her, saying that normally Trae gets to talk about everything political and psychological, but that it is her turn, and she is going to talk about her idea - THE FEMINIST MANIFESTO.

The next night, Trae, Gina, Carl, Alex, Sydney, and Lily are waiting outside Nate's house to go to the movies. Trae is yelling at Nate to hurry since he is taking a long time. The Savages begin to joke around about what is taking Nate so long. Nate exits the house, looking different. Carl tells Nate that it's about time he came out, and Nate demands to be called Breadquanda. Nate informs his friends that he has become a fan of Rupaul's Drag Race, and has embraced his inner queen. The Savages get into Carl's father's van and head out to the movies.

The Savages get out at the movies a few minutes later, and Trae gets a text from Zach. Zach asks if the two can talk, but Trae tells him they can talk later and turns his phone off. Trae asks Carl if he's excited to see Jurassic World, and Carl says he's only there to see the hot actor that supposedly looks just like him. Alex warns Carl not to touch himself, because everyone knows how he acts around hot guys. Carl flips Alex off and the group splits up, Trae says he is going in to get seats. Sydney, Nate, Lily, and Carl agree. Gina offers to get snacks, and Alex offers to help her carry drinks. Carl sees through Alex's plan, and winks at him. Trae gives Alex and Gina the money for the snacks. Trae, Sydney, Nate, Lily, and Carl enter the movies and Alex and Gina get in line.

While Alex and Gina wait in the snack line, Gina gets a text. Trae tells her that the movie is about to start, and Alex offers to wait for the food so she doesn't miss anything. Gina says she wouldn't leave him like that and they are close to the front anyways. Alex tells Gina not to underestimate him and shows her his biceps. Gina is attracted but plays it off by joking around and saying he wins. Alex is happy that Gina is happy around him. Once Gina and Alex make it to the front of the line, Alex orders the food and pays. As the two wait, two guys named X and Rich stand behind them, checking Gina out. X smacks Gina's butt hard, and she is shocked when it happens. Gina turns around to confront them, and they ask to see under her skirt. Alex turns around and asks if there is a problem, and X threatens him. Alex walks towards X and says that he can deal with Alex or the police. Gina watches Alex defend her, and the concessions kid comes back with the Savages' food order. He asks if there is a problem, and Alex is calm and says no. X and Rich walk off after calling Gina a thot. Gina thanks Alex for defending her as the two carry the food, and tells him he didn't have to. Alex says he hates when guys treat girls like that, and Savages have to stick together. Gina tells Alex that she feels like guys always think they have power over girls. Alex tells her that not all guys are like that. Gina tells him she wishes she could address it, and Alex tells her to go for it, he will support her no matter what. Gina smiles and tells him that she can't believe she thought he was a lover boy. Alex flexes his muscles again and tells her she underestimated him. The two enter the movies, but Gina realizes that she wants to be able to defend herself. She wants everyone to know she is a girl and proud.

The next morning, The Redhawks stand on the football field waiting for the coach to come outside, but are still waiting. Rufus is wondering what De Vil will say about them being at practice, but meanwhile, Rose De Vil and Coach Radnor are in the locker room heavily making out. Matt is teasing Rufus, asking why he cares what the principal thinks now. Rufus admits that he isn't really liking football anymore, and Matt gets angry, asking if Rufus would rather be a cheerleader. Rufus says being a Redhawk has changed him - he feels disillusioned now. When Brian comes in to the locker room, Rufus tries to tell him hi, but Brian ignores him. Vik comes in as well, but gets as far away as possible and there is noticeable tension between the two. Rufus and Matt go back out onto the field.

Sydney is walking to class when she is approached by Glenn, who clearly has a thing for her. He begins to flirt, but she is not accepting it. Sydney walks off, but Glenn follows her. He offers her sex to go out with him, but Sydney tells him it will take him learning personal hygiene and a new look to get even a chance with her, and says he needs deodorant. Sydney tells him that he is what's wrong with guys, they all think that they can get a girl, but they just want them for sex. Glenn says girls are too sensitive, and Sydney walks off. Glenn smells himself, and realizes that he stinks.

This opens up the beginning interview of what feminism means to the students of James A. Mathers High School. Glenn is the first to be interviewed, stating he believes feminism is an excuse for women to complain about how men are oppressive. Glenn states that he believes that women should stand their ground, but that they make it deeper than necessary. He then states that there are too many -isms in the world, and Glennism needs to be the next one.

Zachary is walking in the hallway when Trae comes up to him and tells him that Rose De Vil is onto them about the video at the assembly, and is blaming the Savages. Trae tells Zach that De Vil might be coming for him next, and Zach wonders if Kalleb might have a part in this. Trae tells Zach that Kalleb is an innocent as anyone else is. In a flashback, Kalleb tells administrators that he thought that the CD was part of the music for the assembly and he was just doing his job. He states that someone in a black mask gave it to him. Back in the present, Trae asks Zach if he is sure he didn't record the video, and Zach states that his phone wasn't on him at the time. Trae tells Zach that means someone else was in the locker room, and to just tell the principal that, but Zach states that she will blame him as well. Trae tells Zach to stay calm, and leaves.

In the cafeteria, the Red Hot Cheer Peppers and the Jocks are sitting together for lunch. Angelika, Sena, and Alyssa talk about how it's unfair that Principal De Vil suspended all extracurricular but allows the football team to practice still. The girls wonder if The Savages might help them get their practices back, and then decide to go to Rose's office the next day to demand their privileges back. The cheerleaders agree, and Brianna stands up to throw away her trash when she is sexually harassed by Troy. Brianna gets angry and Troy dismisses her, which leads to a Jocks vs. Red Hot Cheer Peppers performance of Pocketbook, with Brianna and Troy leading. After the song, Brianna tells Troy to leave, and Troy does after making a rude remark. The girls wave him away.

Next to be interviewed about what feminism means to them is Claudia, Iesha, Angelika, Alyssa, Sena, and Brianna. Claudia can't get her thoughts straight to answer, but Iesha and Angelika, who are interviewed together, have strong opinions. Iesha and Angelika list off women who do not get their due while Alyssa states that she used to get picked on, but she beat up the boys who did it to her and didn't get in trouble. Brianna angrily answers that feminism is about respect, and that women are always objectified by men. She goes off on an angry rant, threatening to cut off Troy's dick, but she is taken off the air. Alyssa states that she is a feminist because she is a lesbian, but Iesha says Alyssa needs to shut up because she hasn't even had her period yet. Sena burps loudly on camera and says that is what feminism means to her.

After that, Carl is stopped by Rufus. Carl tells Rufus that The Savages had nothing to do with the video getting leaked, but he is willing to fight. Rufus tells him he doesn't really care about the Redhawks and wants to talk to Carl. Rufus tries to introduce himself to Carl, but Carl remembers that Rufus is the football player who took Alex's spot. Rufus confesses to Carl that he does not have an interest in football anymore, and he is actually more interested in joining The Savages. Carl tells Rufus that he doesn't know if he has what it takes just yet, but is willing to introduce Rufus to the rest of The Savages to see how it goes. Rufus agrees, and the two part ways, not noticing that Alex was watching from afar.

In the courtyard, the Savages are all sitting separately, and the three girls are sitting together. Sydney, Lily, and Gina all express their frustration towards their boy schoolmates, especially Glenn and Felix. Gina tells Sydney and Lily about what happened at the movies the other night, and the girls ask her what she did about it. Gina tells them Alex defended her, but Sydney states that Gina needs to not always just let the guys defend her. The three girls agree to speak up for all of the female student body, but are distracted by a commotion between The Red Hot Cheer Peppers and The Moneybags.

Iesha and Felix are going head to head and arguing angrily about how their respective groups are better than the other. Suddenly, Iesha begins singing Classic Man/Lemonade, with Felix responding and the rest of the Moneybags and The Red Hot Cheer Peppers joining in as well. After security guards break up the scene, The Moneybags leave Cass behind, who is consoled by Mike Daugherty.

Kyler is the next person to be interviewed about what feminism means to them, and he states that he doesn't care about it, and he even kind of thinks it is stupid how the girls only care about wanting to believe in equality but want to shame boys for being different.

The next morning, Zach finds himself in Principal De Vil's office. Zach is visibly nervous and Rose picks up on it, she tells him she enjoys the fact that people are nervous in her office. Rose questions Zach about his involvement, but Zach states he isn't involved and he does not know who is involved. Rose asks him to make sure he is telling the truth. Zach calms himself down and states he knows nothing, and Rose allows him to leave. Zach leaves angry and finds Trae, confronting him. Trae tries to calm Zach down, but Zach is angry that Trae thought of the scheme in the first place. Trae reminds Zach that he is the one who wanted revenge, Trae just wanted to help him through it. Zach leaves, angry still.

In Mr. Lee's Chemistry class, Alex confronts his lab partner, Carl, about what he spoke to Rufus about the prior day. Carl tells Alex that Rufus was asking him advice, and Alex makes a joke about Carl being the next Dr. Phil. Carl states that his advice helped Alex and Gina's relationship along. Alex asks what Rufus wanted, and Carl states that he wants to join the Savages, which angers Alex so much that he bangs his fist on the desk, causing a scene. After the classroom calms down again, Alex tells Carl he is definitely not okay with Rufus joining the Savages, and Carl tells Alex that they have never turned anyone down and that Trae will allow Rufus to join if he thinks he has what it takes. Alex reminds Carl that Rufus took his spot on the team, and Carl tells Alex that Rufus didn't realize he was doing that since he transferred to the school. Alex disagrees with teaming up with Rufus at all, and Carl tells Alex to give him a chance. Alex disagrees and remains stubborn.

In the courtyard, Rufus stands next to Carl while he meets the Savages. Alex sits at a table alone while Carl introduces everyone to Rufus. Lily states that Rufus is cute, and Sydney says that there are too many boys in The Savages. Trae asks Rufus if he has what it takes to join them, and Nate adds on, saying not just an elementary school fight. The Savages tell Rufus he has to be a badass shit talker, have fucked up permanent records, and be intelligent. Rufus states that he can be a mascot for the team and cheer everyone on. Trae tells Rufus that they are going to have to put him through a Savages training, but mascots were necessary, and admits him into the Savages. Everyone but Alex cheers, and Alex feels that there is tension and drama on the horizon.

Together, Alex and Carl are next to be interviewed about what feminism means to them. Alex states that he is fully for feminism, women can do anything a man can and that both genders can make a difference, but that women are deprived of the rights required to do so. Carl states that he learned the definition of feminism after listening to Nicki Minaj, but he gets distracted. Alex reminds him about the topic at hand, and Carl states that women are doing great in certain industries, especially the music industry. Carl states that he agrees with what Alex said, and then tells Nicki Minaj he can't wait to meet her.

The next morning, Trae leaves his locker and bumps into Mike Daughtery, a member of the Moneybags. Mike helps Trae pick up his belongings, and the two both feel chemistry between them. Mike begins to flirt with Trae, and Trae is flustered for a second. Mike tells Trae he is from the UK and Trae realizes that Mike is different from some of the other Moneybags. Mike and Trae bond over their mutual dislike of Felix. The two shake hands and depart, not noticing that Zach was watching - and feels immense jealousy.

The Red Hot Cheer Peppers decide to take a stand of their own and go into Principal De Vil's office to demand their practices back. Rose quickly shuts all of the girls down and demands that everyone except for Sena leaves. Once the girls comply, Rose speaks to Sena alone, stating that Sena reminds her of herself. Sena threatens Rose with blackmail since she knows that the principal and the coach have been having steamy sessions. Sena promises not to tell if the Red Hot Cheer Peppers get their rights back, and leaves. Rose is angry, but admits she has been bested.

Principal Rose De Vil is the next to be interviewed about what feminism means to her. She states that she believes feminism is working hard and being as woman as possible when it comes to doing anything while feeling unashamed of femininity. She states that people fear her, and she is a woman.

The Moneybags are walking through the hallway and Felix is dissing women, saying they don't deserve respect since all they do is bitch and gossip. Gina, Sydney, and Lily, also known as the Femme Fatale, confront him, telling him they have had enough. The Moneybags leave Felix, and Felix begins berating the three girls. The girls defend themselves, and then Felix states that women belong in the kitchen because they are not as good as men. The girls are all angry, and Felix threatens Lily with a lawsuit. The girls push Felix, and then begin to walk through the hallway singing Independent Women, Pt. I, with a mob of female students following them and singing along. Some of the male students feel intimidated, and Rose De Vil watches some of the female teachers joining the performance as well. As the song ends, all of the girls cheer, and Felix asks Cass if she's with the girls now. She quits the Moneybags happily, and Felix remarks "Women."

Felix is next to be interviewed about what feminism means to him, but he blatantly disses feminism, saying that it is blasphemy and that women will never be as good as men. He says that women belong in the home while men bring the money into the household. He exits the interview.

Zach meets Trae in the hallways and tries to apologize, but he speeds up his words. Trae tries to get him to slow down. Zach continues until Trae grabs him and begins to kiss him. Zach begins to kiss back and really gets into it, but Trae interrupts Zach's daydream by asking him what Zach wanted to tell him. Zach reminds Trae about a meeting after school, and Trae tells Zach he isn't mad and the two are bros. Zach can't get his daydream of the kiss of his mind, and the two part ways.

Cass Everett is next to be interviewed about what feminism means to her. She states that in history, men were considered to be created equal, but women weren't even counted in that group. She talks about some of the personal struggles girls have to deal with, and says that is why girls stick together - they are tired of being pushed around by people who don't care and they have feelings too. Cass says she will stand for feminism no matter what anyone says about her.

After school, The Savages meet up and Rufus takes the time to get to know Trae, Sydney, and Nate. Alex is distancing himself from the group and Carl joins him. Alex comments that Rufus doesn't fit in, and wonders if Rufus thinks he's cool now that he is a Savage. Carl confronts Alex, stating that he doesn't know how to let anything go, and he needs to shut up and give Rufus a chance. Alex begrudgingly agrees, watching Rufus speak to some of the other Savages. Lily and Gina talk, and Lily tells Gina that if she wants to defend herself against a guy, the best way is to be sweet, and knee him in the balls when he least expects it. Lily tells Gina to never let a man downgrade her. Gina accepts her advice.

Up next to be interviewed about what feminism means to them is the rest of The Savages, Gina, Lily, Sydney, Joe, Nate, Zach, and Trae. Gina states that feminism is more than oppression by men or women's rights - she believes it relates to everyone, and admits that she supports feminism because her mother was raped as a teenager. She talks about how her mother's lack of control in the situation inspired her to never want to feel that way, because she would never let anyone hurt her the way her mother was hurt. Gina begins to cry. Lily states that though Felix expects women to be in the kitchen, it is unfair, because men who do that job are respected, but women are expected to do it. She says it is immoral for girls to be forced to do it. Sydney states that feminism is all about female empowerment. Nate, Joe, and Zach are interviewed together, and Joe says that he believes in female empowerment due to female musicians. Nate, as Breadquanda, says that feminism is fierce. Zach states that feminism is what everyone makes it, there is no reason to elaborate because there will always be a different definition since feminism will never go away. Trae is the final person to be interviewed, and states that he believes in feminism after seeing his mother raise him alone for ten years, and his mother taught him to respect women. He states that feminism is about understanding what women go through, and that even though men and women are different, they need to be equal in society. Trae then leaves the interview.

The following morning, Gina leaves her home. A few minutes later, she is in an area where X and Rich hang out. Gina continues walking despite X harassing her, and he asks her when she is going to let him have some of her ass. Remembering Lily's advice, Gina sensually turns around and tells X to let her know when he wants her. X states that he knew she wanted him, and Gina pretends as though she is going in for a kiss. Suddenly, Gina knees X in the crotch and he falls to the ground in severe pain. As the boys X hangs out with exclaim, Gina smiles and walks away, saying in voice-over that feminism also means kicking the shit out of someone for disrespecting a woman, and says it's self defense, then calls X a bitch as the episode ends.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Pocketbook Jennifer Hudson ft. Ludacris Brianna Townsend and Troy Bowman
Classic Man/Lemonade Jidenna/Danity Kane The Moneybags and
The Red Hot Cheer Peppers
Independent Women, Pt. I Destiny's Child Gina Woods, Lily Blossom
and Sydney Prescott

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  • This episode is centered around Gina.
  • This is the first episode to not have a solo.
  • This episode has the least amount of songs so far.
  • This is the first episode in which none of the male members of The Savages perform.
  • This is the first episode where Trae and Joe do not sing.
  • This is the second episode where Alex, Carl, Nate, and Zachary do not sing.
  • This is the first episode where The Moneybags perform.
  • This episode also marks the first vocal performance from Alyssa, Brianna, ClaudiaFelix, Iesha, and Kyler.
  • Like a Boy was cut due to writing length restraints.
  • 11 Something is featured in this episode, and the artist of the song is the actress who plays Iesha Bennett.