The Devil's Protégé is the second episode of The Savages' first season and the second episode overall. It premiered on May 20, 2015.

It is written by REBƎLReloaded.

After witnessing an outburst from an ex-cheerleader, Lily Blossom, Sydney makes a move by becoming Lily's mentor. Nate suspects Joe's presence in The Savages, but Joe manipulates him into believing Trae and Sydney are taking advantage of him. Trae sparks conflict with The Jocks after befriending Zachary Foxx, who feels mistreated by his football team.

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Plot Edit

The episode is set in a time period of four days, before the Redhawks' football game and after the football game. In the beginning of the episode, the football team prepares for their game in two days. Their coach, Coach Radnor, encourages the team to stay on point before the game. A football team member, Zachary Foxx, feels ostracized by the coach and the teammates when he is forced to sit on the bench throughout practice. His teammates, Viktor Nichols and Brian Gustin, tease him and tells him that he could be a "waterboy." Meanwhile, The Red Hot Cheer Peppers are lectured by Sena, but Lily confronts her for continuing to bash Alyssa. Sena, however, implies that Lily must deal with her or leave the team.

Prior to that day, The Savages stand in their respective area in the courtyard, where Alex feels awkward by Gina's silent treatment. Trae becomes irritated by Dan's desperate behavior and unrequited affection for him, while the others believe that Dan is in love with him. The Sexxx Symbols, sans Liam, encourage Dan to go to Trae and act natural. However, Liam believes Dan will fail at being natural, to which he does. Dan approaches the Savages, whom are not fond of his presence. It is revealed, however, that Trae and Dan almost dated. Dan attempts to defend his stance by claiming that they were both dating and it was impossible for tem to date. Trae dismisses his explanation, while Carl defends him, but Dan requests to go on a date with Carl. The Savages convicne Trae to start dating again, but Trae doesn't believe there is anyone around. Later on, Nate finds himself ostracized when a small group from the Savages go to the movies. When Joe notices this, he plans to become Nate's guardian angel to bolster his scheme against Trae.

After football practice, Viktor, Brian, Matt, and Rufus plan their Friday night activities. When Matt and Rufus plan to play Call of Duty, Zach feels confident enough to ask to join. However, Matt immediately dismmisess his suggestion, while the Jocks continue to belittle him. Vik calls him a non-factor, implying that he doesn't belong on the football team. Vik's insults augments Zach's anger, forcing him to perform I Don't Want to Be.

Later that night, Trae receives a call from Dirty Dan, but Trae imitates a voicemail message to avoid any contact. Afterwards, Trae starts to write his story, The Devil's Protégé (which the episode is named after), as it reflects on his life in the school, and further storylines that are developed throughout the episode.

The next Monday morning, Joe approaches an unusual looking Nate, manipulating him into believing that Trae and Sydney are using him. Nate, at first, finds this hard to believe, despite his sudden alienation from the group. Joe makes Nate believe that he deserves power int he group because of his contributions to the group. Joe considers Nate his protege, hoping to guide him to a new direction and secretly bolster his future.

At lunch, Alex feels avoided by Gina, so he talks to Trae about the situation. Trae is shocked at the fact that Alex may have feelings for Gina, prior to Alex's former relationship. As Gina believes that Alex is dating Sydney, Trae knows Sydney's scheme. Trae advises Alex to give Gina more space and time to adapt to The Savages. Alex agrees, and the two meet with Carl, who reveals his date gone awry with Dirty Dan. In a flashback, Carl is hesitant to have sex with Dirty Dan because of the size of his penis. He escaped Dirty Dan's house to leave during their moment. The conversation shifts, as the three discuss if Joe is actually trustworthy in the Savages. Trae admits his uncertainty, but he always gives chances.

Outside of the football field, The Red Hot Cheer Peppers perform their rendition of "Sausage," until Alyssa joins in, much to Angelika's disapproval. When Lily enters, the tension increases after Sena pulls her aside to reveal that she is kicked off of the team. Lily becomes infuriated, accusing Sena of removing her out of jealousy. The argument turns into a physical altercation, which Sydney witnesses. Sydney comes to Lily's defense to stop the altercation.

Sydney interacts with Lily as she removes her things from her locker, asking how Sena was chosen for the captain spot. The two introduce themselves to each other, and Lily reveals her real name, Lily Valance. Lily acknowledges the fact that the cheerleading team is very fake. Sydney reveals that she was a former cheerleader and Glee Club member until everything she had accomplished was taken away from her. Sydney requests that Lily should be her protege after Lily admires her. 

Nate requests, in the auditorium, that he gets to know Joe well to trust him. Joe considers himself a firecracker and reveals the "Savage" in him. Nate believes that he is a follower more than a leader in the Savages and Joe continues to persuade Nate to believe that he is under Trae and Sydney's shadow. Joe encourages Nate to express his inner anger as the two perform My Songs Know What You Did In The Darkand Nate feels relieved.

Trae accidentally bumps into Zachary, who he assumes to be an intimidating jock, but his judgment is false. Trae realizes that Zach is underestimated in the football team, and Zach reveals that he doesn't feel comfortable on the football team; he feels like an outcast. Trae advises him, saying that he should do what's best for him and not what's for everyone else. 

Rose De Vil, the principal, suspends Angelika and her best friend Iesha for an altercation with Alyssa. In a flashback, Alyssa attacks Angelika, who pushes her down and makes her cry. Iesha lightly kicks her, and it leads to their entrance into the office. Iesha and Angelika are infuriated with their suspensions and consider it biased.

Meanwhile, Trae converses with Zach in the cafeteria; Zach admits that he feels bullied and underestimated on the team. Trae encourages Zach to be resistant and refuse to play, and quit. During this time, the two bond immediately. Lily and Sydney, later on, perform Hollaback Girl in front of the students to get back at the Red Hot Cheer Peppers. 

As the Savages prepare to attend the first football game in the school, Trae calls Nate, who acts strangely different, to ask if he will join. Trae is confused by Nate's tone, which is influenced by Joe after Nate asks him how good was his dialogue. 

During the football game, the Redhawks prepare for their first round. Zach, meanwhile, receives a text message from Trae reminding him of what to do. After a football team player is injured, Coach Radnor feels completely forced to use Zach as a replacement. However, Zach is recalcitrant, refusing to join the game and decides to quit. Meanwhile, The Red Hot Cheer Peppers have a cheer showdown with Lily, who embarrasses them for kicking her out of the team. The jocks, Brian, Matt, and Vik are angered, following him inside of the locker room for physical confrontation. Zach defends himself, and Trae abruptly enters to defend Zach. The confrontation increases as the Savages enter the locker room. The groups both perform Clique until Coach Radnor tells the jocks to leave for the next game. The Savages gather more confidence and pride in their actions.

Trae narrates a segment from his writing, where he describes the deeper meaning of the protege of the Devil. This coincides with the events the day after the football game. At this moment, Trae ignores Dirty Dan, Alex and Gina's friendship remains unknown, the tension between Nate, Trae, and Sydney develops in Joe's eyes, and Sena finds herself struggling with The Red Hot Cheer Peppers. In the end, Zach goes to the locker room to get the rest of his items, but he witnesses Brian and Vik passionately kissing each other.

Songs Edit

Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
I Don't Want To Be Gavin DeGraw Zachary Foxx
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark Fall Out Boy Joe Bender and Nate Osbourne
Hollaback Girl Gwen Stefani Lily Blossom and Sydney Prescott
Clique Kanye West feat. Big Sean and Jay-Z The Jocks and The Savages

Guest CastEdit

Special Guest Star
Guest Stars


  • This episode is centered around Zach and Lily.
  • Alien by Britney Spears was in the original script for this episode, it was going to be sung by Lily Blossom, Nate Osbourne and Zachary Foxx.
  • This episode features Zachary and Lily joining The Savages, bringing their number of members from 7 to 9.
  • This is the first episode where characters leave a clique on their own to join The Savages.
  • This episode features Nate, Joe, & Sydney's first duets.
  • This episode is the first episode that the Trae-Zachary Relationship is featured in.
  • This episode is the first to feature a solo from a character who is not in The Savages at the time it is sung.
  • This is the first episode that Carl, Alex, & Gina do not sing in.
  • This episode is the first to premiere on a Wednesday.

Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The Savages' and Dirty Dan's scene references and is influenced by many lines from the popular TV sitcom, Moesha.
    • The "Dateless in Seattle" reference is also used in the Moesha sitcom.
  • Nate Osbourne's apparel is referenced as a Black Sabbath look. Black Sabbath is a former rock band with lead singer Ozzy Osbourne, which correlates to Nate's belief that he is related to the Osbournes.
  • The popular "Sausage Movement" is used in a scene with the Red Hot Cheer Peppers. 
  • Lily and The Red Hot Cheer Peppers' chant was influenced by the 2000 film, Bring it On, where the Toros and the Clovers perform together during a football game.