The Conflict of Interest is the third episode of Season Two and the eleventh episode of the series. The episode is written by REBELReloaded.

Felix's murder becomes the center of attention at school, and Sydney becomes a potential suspect. Alex and Gina face hardships when their relationship sparks controversy with Alex's family and the school. Lily discovers a shocking item that could tarnish Jennifer's career. Meanwhile, Iesha gives Sena an ultimatum when her affair with Mr. Baldwin takes a toll on her. Trae and Zachary begin dating, but Trae fears his commitment issues will jeopardize their relationship.


Felix's murder spreads to news outlets after Sydney discovers his dead body a few miles away from James A. Masters High School. Members of The Savages, in the beginning of the episode, discuss his murder and how it didn't seem as much of a shock to them. Meanwhile, Zachary reveals that he's in a relationship with Trae to the Savages, but he fears revealing that his father shot him during the riot. After Alex and Gina accept Trae's decision to leave The Savages, the episode foreshadows that they are the new targets for scarlet letters.

Sena is a core character in the episode, as she tackles romantic feelings for history teacher Mr. Baldwin. In a dream sequence, she performs Age Ain't Nothing But a Number, with Iesha and the cheerleaders singing along with her. Sena contemplates whether her affair with Mr. Baldwin will turn into something more, as she develops affection for him, despite their abilities to keep things hush.

Sydney, meanwhile, receives another scarlet letter in her locker that threatened her to keep her mouth shut. Suddenly, she becomes distraught by Alex's appearance, and discusses the scarlet letters with him. She continues to assume Trae has involvement in the situation, but Alex defends him, telling her to stop playing the blame game. When Sydney admits her distrust with Trae, Detective Sinclair approaches Sydney, questioning whether she could be a suspect. She invites Sydney to the interrogation room at the police station, prior to discovering Felix's corpse.

In the interrogation room, Detective Sinclair inches her way towards suspecting Sydney for Felix's murder; although Sydney denies it, she knows that she has involvement. She, then, mentions Trae in the interrogation room, which encourages Sinclair to end the questioning abruptly.

Trae and Zachary explore their newfound relationship together, making out in the school library. They begin a conversation about family, where Trae reveals how dysfunctional his mother's side of the family is. Zachary, however, becomes uncomfortable when Trae mentions 'father', feeling guilty. The two agree to go on an actual date together that Wednesday; this would eventually be cancelled as Trae is forced to leave for Christmas Break in Philadelphia.

In addition to this, Trae faces complications with commitment. Considering that this is his first relationship, and with a guy, he confides in his mother Stacey for advice. 

Later on, Sena discovers that Mr. Baldwin is married with children, after having sex in a hotel suite. Enraged, she discusses this with Iesha, who berates her for not listening to her advice. Instead, Iesha decides to help her get over him and find someone new.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Age Ain't Nothing But a Number Aaliyah Sena Demir with Iesha Bennett
and The Red Hot Cheer Peppers
Erotica Madonna Jennifer Gordon
If Your Girl Only Knew Aaliyah Sena Demir with Iesha Bennett
and The Red Hot Cheer Peppers
Anyone Else But You The Moldy Peaches Alex Herrera and Gina Woods
Mr. Sandman The Chordettes The Red Hot Cheer Peppers
I Want To Know What Love Is Foreigner Trae Ventura


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