The Beast Unleashed is the eighth and final episode of The Savages' first season and the eighth episode overall in the series. The episode's premiere was released on May 10, 2017, a year after the release of the seventh episode, in time for the 2-year anniversary of the series. 

The episode will be written by REBƎLReloaded.

In the first-season finale, Trae and The Savages lead a destructive riot that leaves a major impact on the school environment. Meanwhile, the person behind the video scandal is revealed. Carl takes matters into his own hands when Felix continues to be a problem. Rose's job is put in jeopardy. Gina and Alex decide to explore their relationship under certain circumstances.  Rufus makes a bold decision to maintain his reputation, while Joe faces the repercussions of his manipulative behavior.


The riot starts as The Savages enter the school building, performing We're Not Gonna Take It and encouraging the student base to join the riot. While the riot succeeds, The Savages confront Rose once and for all, damaging her office and vandalizing her area, while also vandalizing the rest of the school property. Meanwhile, AlexTrae and Sydney go face to face with Joe and Nate after Trae accuses Joe of the video scandal. Joe, then, confronts the three for being try-hards and using their clique as a way to gain false notoriety. After Joe hits them where it hurts, Trae and Joe get into a physical altercation, while Sydney and Nate wrestle around the hallways. Zachary rescues Trae from Joe's chokehold and the two try to continue the riot as Lily leads it. The riot worsens once the police get involved. As the rest of the students fight, Joe and Zachary get a hold of each other and Trae tries to break it up until a police officer shoots him to the point of unconsciousness. Zachary tells Trae that he loves him, and it is revealed that the officer that shot Trae was Zachary's father.

The media gets a hold of this situation, like news channels and talk shows such as The View and The Real, who both believe that Trae's shooting was unjustified and due to his race. At that point, Trae is immediately rushed to the hospital and Zachary feels at fault; he performs Bring Me To Life in a dream sequence with Trae, who is now in a medically-induced coma from a severe loss of blood.

The aftermath of the riot is a tense one, as the rest of the Savages return back to school recollecting their thoughts on Trae's shooting, believing that Joe was at fault.  However, a bitter Felix blames Trae for the commotion, believing that he put that on himself. Defending Trae, Carl threatens Felix and challenges him to a beatdown. In Mr. Baldwin's class, the students watch Rose's public announcement after the riot, but feeling that her written speech was ingenuine, she goes on a tirade and refuses to speak. During that time in class, Vik wants a favor from Gina, relying on her and The Savages to help figure out who exposed him. However, Gina confronts Vik for being selfish over his lack of empathy for The Savages after what happened to Trae, thus denying his favor. Superintendent Jennifer Gordon confronts Rose for her public tirade on television, but Rose blames the school for their ingenuinity and their unnecessary policies that forced the students to hate her. After confronting her, Gordon decides to fire her from her principal duties. 

The Savages debate on jumping Felix after Carl's confrontation, but after Rufus makes an innocent comment, Alex confronts him for his inactivity in the Savages, which turns into an accusation fest when Rufus claims that Alex is jealous of him for replacing him as quarterback of the football team. Rufus pushes Alex to a point of no return, as he performs Message in a Bottle

Zachary goes to visit Trae in the hospital, disguising as an adoptive brother, he apologizes and blames himself for what has happened to Trae, who suddenly wakes from his coma and touches his hand.

Carl, meanwhile, goes face-to-face with Felix and The Moneybags, with the help of his father, Carl proves that he's dangerous. 

Trae, recovering in the hospital, reconciles with his mother after she reveals her fears of him dying. He tells her that he loves her, leading to a sentimental moment between them. Back in school, Rufus decides to leave The Savages and focus back on his football career, and reestablishing his rocky friendship with Matt, who convinces him that football is the right fit for him, not The Savages.

After Alex and Gina visit Trae in the hospital, the two take a moment as they finally come to terms for their feelings for one another. However, Gina seemingly warns Alex that she's very insecure and fears that their relationship will be abandoned. Alex promises that it wouldn't happen and Gina sings Bravemaking their relationship official.

Felix throws a redemption party, but he's nowhere in sight, according to Vik, who asks GlennLiamIesha and Angelika of his whereabouts. Confused of Vik's intentions, he admits his knowledge of who's responsible for the video. At that point, an unknown figure, revealed to be Kalleb, eavesdrops on their conversation, only to depart from Felix's house. That same night, Zachary and Sydney meets Trae's mother, giving their support and offering any help as possible, but this also helps Zachary come to terms of his feelings for Trae.

Rose makes her departure from James A. Masters High School, and after giving Coach Radnor a phone call, he shuts her off. In a sequence with Alex and Gina performing Take CareRose discovers that she's pregnant, hence her weekly sickness. Carl's life is then jeopardized after he realizes that his father and Eli Hawk, the one that chased The Savages, are familiar with each other. Eric invites Eli to their family dinner and Carl becomes paranoid.

The next day, the superintendent enters the school with police officers to arrest Dirty Dan as the sole person responsible for the video scandal, with proof in his computer. Under arrest, he is taken out of the school with restraints and he threatens Kalleb. Meanwhile, Jennifer Gordon introduces herself to the school as the new principal, leaving more trouble for the Savages and the student body.

Sydney and Zachary arrive at Trae's house to help his mother give him a care package while he recovers in the hospital. The two share a phone call with Trae, after telling them the news about the video scandal. Trae claims that everything will be over, and asks them to grab his phone while they are there. When this happens, Sydney and Zachary discover discreet text messages about a finished deed. The two find clues to his computer, leading to evidence and videos of Brian and Vik's video scandal, with extra scenes of Kalleb and Trae during the aftermath. Sydney and Zachary discover that Trae and Kalleb were the actual masterminds of the scandal and Dirty Dan was framed.


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
We're Not Gonna Take It Twisted Sister The Savages
 Bring Me To Life Evanescence Trae Ventura and Zachary Foxx
Message in a Bottle The Police Rufus King
Let's Go Trick Daddy feat. Lil Jon & Twista Carl Touché and Felix Winchester
with The Moneybags
Brave Jhene Aiko Gina Woods
Take Care Drake feat. Rihanna Alex Herrera and Gina Woods

Guest CastEdit

  • Adrienne Bailon as herself
  • Tamar Braxton as herself
  • Candace Cameron-Bure as herself
  • Whoopi Goldberg as herself
  • Loni Love as herself
  • Jeannie Mai as herself
  • Tamera Mowry-Housley as herself
  • Raven-Symoné as herself
  • Rick Williams as himself
Special Guest Stars
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  • This is the first season finale of the series.
  • This episode features the first Alex-Gina duet.
  • This episode features Alex, Carl, and Felix's first duets.
  • With this episode, Alex is the first character to sing two duets in the same episode.