The Alibi is the first episode of Season Two of The Savages and the ninth episode overall in the series. The episode was written by REBELReloaded.

A week after the infamous riot at James A. Masters High School, the students challenge their newest principal, the superintendent Jennifer Gordon. Meanwhile, Zachary and Sydney are conflicted with telling The Savages about Trae's secret agenda. Vik accompanies The Moneybags in finding Felix after he goes missing. Joe and Nate take two unlikely allies under their wing. Carl faces more trouble when his father's acquaintance, Eli Hawk manipulates his way into the family's heart.


In this episode, Trae does not appear in the present, but in flashbacks that chronologically introduces the origins of Brian and Vik's video scandal in the previous season. As revealed in The Beast Unleashed, Trae, as well as Kalleb, are the masterminds of the scandal after Sydney and Zachary discover the truth. 

The beginning of the episode starts with a first flashback of Trae watching the video that Kalleb recorded. Based on this evidence, Trae brings an idea to expose Brian and Vik at the assembly that Rose De Vil announced in The Devil's Protégé, with the motive of seeking vengeance for Brian's treatment towards him. Hesitant at first, Kalleb becomes eager to join forces after Brian provokes him. Later on that day, Trae burned a DVD of the video, which would be used as the tool for exposing the couple at the assembly. Trae plans to go incognito and give him the DVD to expose them, making it his alibi.

In the present, James A. Masters High School slowly recovers from the past month's chaos led by The Savages. With Trae still in the hospital, the school has vastly changed. A few members of the clique unite for a conversation, which involves the unusual disappearance of Felix Winchester, the aftermath of Rose's resignation and the newest principal Jennifer's control. The two discover Sydney and Zachary who contemplate telling The Savages about Trae's wrongdoings, but this conversation gets ahold of Joe.

Meanwhile, Mr. LeeMrs. Ortiz, and Coach Radnor argue with Jennifer Gordon about her decision to make budget cuts in each extracurricular, simply to help renovate the school after the riot. With the assistance of Kyler Chase from The Moneybags, Jennifer convinces the staff members that the budget cuts are necessary, despite their disapproval.

Joe reveals Trae's hidden agenda to Nate after overhearing Sydney and Zachary's argument in the hallway. While Nate considers his deed a genius one, Joe debates that Traetries to be the 'hero' and s determined to seek revenge. Eventually, Joe sets his sights on Alyssa and Claudia after Sena kicks them off The Red Hot Cheer Peppers after a routine mishap, giving Joe an idea to start a 'supergroup' targeting The Savages.

In another flashback, Kalleb believes that Rose is on to the scheme after she interrogates him after the assembly. He calls Trae, who enforces keeping their alibi. Kalleb gets the idea to use Dirty Dan as a pawn, assuming that he's knowledgable about it after eavesdropping. Trae and Kalleb, later on, blackmail Dan into keeping silent or he'd be put to blame for the video scandal. Dan fearfully agrees.

In the present, Vik is concerned about Felix, asking The Moneybags for his presence. Kyler, who continuously shuts him down, agrees to help him find Felix who has been away from school for two weeks. Vik, intentionally, wants Felix's mother, a lawyer to help him file a lawsuit against the school for their lack of effort with the video scandal.

Joe and Nate persuade Alyssa and Claudia to join forces with them to seek justice against their rivals. Despite their uncertainty, Alyssa and Claudia gain interest in vengeance against The Red Hot Cheer Peppers for mistreatment.

Soon after, Principal Gordon's new rules are announced by Mrs. Haynes: involving a hall pass to go to bathrooms, late detentions, no socializing in the courtyard after school or a suspension will be given. These new rules infuriate the students, causing Alex to take action and confront the principal with Another Brick in the WallHowever, Alex gets suspended by Gordon, who tries to give Alex a reality check on who's in power. 

During a conversation with Gina and Lily, Sydney contemplates revealing Trae's agenda to them, until Zachary dodges her opportunity. Sydney confronts him for doing so, accusing him of defending Trae because of his feelings for him. 

The Moneybags, with Vik, visit Felix's home to figure out his disappearance. However, his mother tells them that he has been missing for weeks and she assumes that he knows about his family's bankruptcy issues. His mother breaks down, crying that she wants Felix to come back. 

In a flashback, a scene from The Wild Ride involving a confrontation between Kalleb and Dirty Dan is continued. Here, Kalleb is the person who calls Trae while The Savages are stranded on the roads, telling him that Dirty Dan isn't cooperating with their alibi. As a result, Trae and Kalleb decide to make him the target, framing him for the video scandal. They do this by transferring the video file onto a hard drive, on to Dan's computer. With Trae's manipulation skills, he has a sexual encounter with Dan to sneak the files onto his computer.  

Carl remains frustrated with his father's mysterious relationship with Eli, prior to being chased in the van. He, his father, Eli and his brother Caiden go to Dave and Buster's for a night out, much to Carl's dismay. 

Joe and Nate has a meeting with Alyssa and Claudia at Alyssa's house, where the two attempt to give them a makeover to fit in with their planned supergroup. As a result, their looks change and they perform Whip My Hair at the school to garner attention. The two provoke The Red Hot Cheer Peppers while performing, and it also leaves members of The Savages in confusion, as they realize Joe and Nate are responsible for it. 

A few minutes for the next class, Zachary and Sydney both discuss Trae's agenda in an empty classroom, and Zachary reveals that he's sticking up for Trae because his father is the cop that shot him during the riot, and he feels responsible. A surprise visit from Brian confuses the two, as he reveals that he already knew Trae leaked the video. The story involves a former sexual affair between Brian and Trae. The two met because of Trae's friendship with Kalleb (which Brian reveals they are half-brothers). Like now, the two hated each other in sophomore year, but there was obvious sexual tension.  

Trae and Brian had multiple sexual encounters, until Trae developed romantic feelings for him. Brian admits that he rejected Trae's feelings with a racial slur, although he only yearned for Vik during the time. As a result, this caused turmoil between the two after Brian became a jock. Brian tells Sydney and Zachary that he isn't angry at Trae for what he did, because he felt like it was well-deserved, and it allowed him to come out as gay. This further information encourages Sydney to tell The Savages that Trae was responsible, after the students perform Everybody Wants To Rule The World.  

In the next flashback, it is revealed that Kalleb entered Felix's party to tell Viktor that Dirty Dan was the culprit of the video scandal. After he leaves the house, Kalleb drives away and passes by a speeding car that stops abruptly. Kalleb, who drives away, isn't aware that three incognito people are in the car. As two leave to open the trunk, Felix's dead body is inside.     


Song Title Original Artist Performer(s)
Footworkin' Keke Palmer Iesha Bennett with The Red Hot Cheer Peppers
Another Brick in the Wall Pink Floyd Alex Herrera with James A. Masters High School Students
Son of a Gun Janet Jackson feat. Carly Simon Kalleb Banks and Trae Ventura
Whip My Hair Willow Smith Alyssa Tanner and Claudia Wu
Everybody Wants To Rule The World Tears for Fears The Savages

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  • Jump by Rihanna. Used at Felix's party, and merges with scene of Felix's death.


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