Sydney's Quotations are quotations made by Sydney Prescott, portrayed by Alicia Banit.

Season OneEdit

Sydney: I look so ratchet today.

Nate: That’s nothing new.

Sydney: I know, it’s your bad breath that’s new.

Sydney and Nate, The Mafia

Felix: Well, I guess your school didn’t teach you that a sentence must have a verb.

Sydney: Well, you know, I did learn that “kiss” is a verb, and it’s also a noun. So, how about you give my ass a kiss, or kiss my ass!

Sydney and Felix, The Mafia, a reference from sitcom, Girlfriends

Hardy har har har!

Sydney to The Savages, The Devil's Protégé

See, when you’re with me, you’re in for a Sydventure.

Sydney, The Devil's Protégé

Trae: What the hell could he be possibly doing almost 10 minutes before the movie?

Sydney: Probably braiding his ass hairs.

Sydney and Trae about Nate, The Feminist Manifesto

“It’ll take a toothbrush, deodorant, and a new look. Dude, you sweat more than me, and I don’t even sweat. Your breath smells like Felix Winchester’s chest hair, and you look like my grandfather. Dude, you are not my type.

Sydney to Glenn, The Feminist Manifesto

I’m 100% strictly dickly, hunty.

Sydney, The Feminist Manifesto

Sydney: Okay, but what will I get out of this?

Gina: Equality.

Sydney: I was thinking more of money, but fine.

Sydney and Gina about their feminist organization, The Feminist Manifesto

Lily: It smells like stinky feet and Chinese food.

Sydney: It’s probably Carl; he smells like that when he’s irritated.

Sydney and Lily about Carl, The Wild Ride