Released: August 10, 2015
By: Natalie La Rose
Sung by: The Red Hot Cheer Peppers
Solos: Iesha
Place: Football Field
Episode: The School For Scandal

Somebody by Natalie La Rose is featured in The School For Scandal, the sixth episode of The Savages. It is sung by The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, with solos by Iesha and an unnamed male cheerleader.

Lyrics Edit

Male Cheerleader (The Red Hot Cheer Peppers):
I wanna rock with somebody (whoa, yeah)
I wanna take shots with somebody (shot, shot, shot, shot)
I wanna leave with somebody (somebody, come on, come on)
And we ain't gotta tell nobody, we ain't gotta tell nobody (nobody)

Iesha with Red Hot Cheer Peppers:
Why can't everybody know what's good
Cause some gon' hate what's new
We just do our thing, no time to waste
Always play it cool

Iesha (Red Hot Cheer Peppers):
And at the end of the night when the lights go out, will we turn down?
Oh, no, we won't (we ain't never turn down, we ain't never turn down)

The Red Hot Cheer Peppers:
And when they try to make us leave we turn and say we never going home
And you know just what I wanna do


*This song was originally going to be performed by The Savages.