Sean Romano is a character in REBELReloaded's fanfiction series, The Savages. He is the stepfather of Trae Ventura and the husband of Stacey Ventura, Trae's mother. He is a U.S. Army veteran who has returned from Iraq 6 years ago. Sean first appears in The Boomerang Effect in a very brief scene.

Sean is portrayed by actor Vin Diesel, but he is not based on any user of Glee Wiki. 


Sean Romano was born in Brooklyn, New York, but he grew up during the crack cocaine epidemic. Easily under the influence, Sean became addicted to crack cocaine at a very young age, even during the time he was drafted into the U.S. Army. He has been in the army since he was 19 years old. Eventually, he'd return and relapse into other drugs. He checked into a rehabilitation center and became clean. In 2007, Sean met and fell in love with Stacey Ventura while in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The two were engaged in 2008, but Stacey's son Trae Ventura and Sean did not get along with each other. Trae felt bitter about having a different father figure in his life. However, over the years, their relationship became tight-knit.

Sean is now a retired army veteran; as of now, he owns abusiness for grass-cutting, house painting and reconstruction in Seattle.

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