I get it, I’m the quarterback, but I have limits, too.

—Rufus King, "The Wild Ride"

Rufus King is a recurring character on The Savages. Rufus is the quarterback of the football team, replacing Alex. Rufus is nonchalant and social, despite his one-sided rivalry with Alex. He joins The Savages in The Feminist Manifesto after realizing that he does not have the same interest he once did in football, but still remains on the team as well.

He is portrayed by Luke Bilyk and is based on Slushied4Life.


At this time, not much is known about Rufus's past except for the fact that he transferred from another school and played football in the past.


Rufus is introduced, by Trae, as one of the jocks. Trae introduces Rufus as the quarterback, along with his minions, Zachary, Brian, Matt and Viktor. Despite having a minimal role in this episode, he is mentioned by Alex as of why he is not on the football team anymore. (The Mafia)

Unlike the other players in the football team, Rufus is very welcoming and nice, as he appears to be with Zachary, who is picked on by the other jocks. Rufus stands up to Zachary against Brian, Matt and Vik and decides to invite him to hang with the group. (The Devil's Protégé)

In the fourth episode, Rufus plays a key role, where he contemplates his passions for football. Much to Matt and Troy's dismay, Rufus goes behind the football team to propose a potential welcome to The Savages, as he asks for Carl's advice. Although he eventually joins the clique, his one-sided nemesis, Alex does not approve of the idea, given his animosity towards him on the football team. Also, most of The Savages aren't pleased with him and his lack of belligerence. (The Feminist Manifesto)

Although Rufus is welcomed to the clique, he shows a great amount of inactivity within the group, refusing to skip school with The Savages to go to Oregon. But, as he stays in Seattle, his friendship with Matt deteriorates. After feeling judged by Matt for his decision to pick The Savages over the football team, he confronts him for his hypocrisy, as well as his disloyalty to his girlfriend, Iesha. (The Wild Rude

This situation, in particular, becomes significant in the next episode, where Lily uses Rufus as a pawn to avoid Matt's unusual affection for her. Aware of her manipulative ways after a fake date, he eventually helps Lily get rid of Matt by telling Iesha of his infidelity and flirtatious acts with other girls. (The School For Scandal)


  • Rufus was the only member of The Savages to hold membership in two cliques at once, as he is a member of The Savages and The Jocks.
  • Rufus was the 10th member of the Savages. He joined in The Feminist Manifesto.
  • Rufus was the third Savage to be a jock, after Alex and Zachary.
  • Rufus was the only Savage not to have a vocal performance until after quitting.
  • He was the only Savage not to go on the road trip in The Wild Ride.


Well, I don’t really do or have most of those things, but I’m like the best mascot. I can be like—“Yasss! Legendary! Iconic! Preach, brother! Whoooo!”

—Rufus King, The Feminist Manifesto

Matt, you understand, don’t you? Sometimes, you focus so much on your dreams, you just lose interest. Football was cool and all, but being a Redhawk has changed me.

—Rufus King, The Feminist Manifesto

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