Rose De Vil is the former second antagonist on The Savages. Rose De Vil was the Principal at James A. Mathers High School, until she was fired in the Season One finale The Beast Unleashed. As such, she has plenty of run-ins with The Savages.

Rose is a very strict, biased, and inconsiderate principal who is often deprecated by teachers and students by her careless enforcements. She tends to adore getting people in trouble more than encouraging them to do better, which forces the Savages to rise against her.

She is portrayed by Cameron Diaz and is based on ShamelessHussy.

History Edit

In The Mafia, it is revealed that Rose De Vil suspended Alex Herrera and removed him from the football following a physical altercation, which inadvertently helped Trae Ventura's group, The Savages, grow.


The Mafia

Principal De Vil makes a brief appearance in a flashback involving Alex, whom she suspends for a physical altercation out of self-defense. Prior to Alex's suspension, this encourages The Savages to augment.

The Devil's Protégé

During this episode, Principal Rose De Vil favors cheerleader Alyssa over Iesha and Angelika, who are both suspended for pushing down Alyssa during cheerleading practice. Because of this, Iesha points out the unfair decision Rose had made. In the end, Rose gives Alyssa a lollipop.

The Boomerang Effect

Like most characters in this episode, Rose De Vil is involved in "the Boomerang effect," when students react negatively towards her new rules, which state that students are not allowed to use electronics, wear leather jackets, certain accessories and hair styles, or they will receive a suspension. As a result of Rose's rules, The Savages decide to increase the recalcitrance of the students, by encouraging them to be insubordinate during class and in schools. The teachers verbally confront Rose, as they share the students' negative behavior to her. Rose, however, refuses to remove the rules as she reveals that she is forced by her boss to make the school a better environment. As teachers threaten to quit, Rose decides to address the issue during the assembly.

Rose attempts to address the issues at the assembly, but she is interrupted by other students, and the Savages, who perform Run This Town. Rose also shows her shock and confusion as Brian and Vik's video is exposed during the assembly. Prior to these events, Rose announces the next day that extracurricular involvement and outside interactions during school time is prohibited during the video investigation.

The Feminist Manifesto

Rose begins a school investigation to reprimand the person responsible for exposing Brian and Vik's video during the assembly. Immediately, Rose makes Trae her first target, assuming that Trae and The Savages were mainly responsible after interrupting her assembly with a performance. Rose also compares Trae to his mother, to whom she used to be close friends with until she became more successful than Stacey. Meanwhile, The Red Hot Cheer Peppers confront Rose for her biases towards the school's football team after allowing them to practice and not the cheerleaders; however, this is due to Jarrett Radnor using sex as a bribe to get permission. The two are seen hooking up with each other while the team prepares for practice.

Meanwhile, Rose makes Zachary her next target in the video investigation. She notices that Zachary seems to be nervous but she likes it, ironically, showing her sense of authority. Rose asks if Zachary was responsible for the video in a straightforward manner, and when Zachary denies the allegation, Rose lets him go. Later on, when The Red Hot Cheer Peppers demand that they get their extracurricular privileges back, Rose refuses to. Sena, however, makes Rose give in after threatening her position in the school, knowing that she is well aware of her affair with Coach Radnor.

In a montage sequence, Rose explains what feminism means to her, claiming that feminism is mainly the issues women deal with everyday, like working hours, hormones, and also denying the claim that she favors the male students. She believes that her tyranny fears men, and it shows how the tables turn.

The Wild Ride

After noticing Gina, Lily and Sydney's pro-feminism performance in the hallway, she reprimands the three for it, giving them two choices: a day of detention or a 4-day suspension and mandatory parent conference. Although the girls agree to detention, they don't show up due to the ride to Portland, Oregon, and it isn't implied that they are given the consequences afterwards. Meanwhile, Rose targets Dirty Dan, questioning if he was responsible for the video scandal during the assembly. She puts fear into Dan and considers him a possible candidate. She asks if he knew anyone who possibly did it.

The School For Scandal

Due to the heavy coverage of Brian and Vik's video scandal, Rose falls into a deep depression. In the teacher's lounge, one of her employees, Mrs. Jones, notices that she looks very unkempt. Rose fell into a trash can before making it to the lounge. Concerned with her stress, Mrs. Jones recommends her to a therapist of hers. Although she acted like she didn't need a therapist, she took Mrs. Jones's card with her. Meanwhile, Rose has a parent conference with Brian's mother and father, who confront her and the school for not making any effort to find who's responsible for the video. While Rose claims that they are doing the best they can, his parents rebut that, and it leads Rose to have an outburst.

That night, Rose considered going to the therapist that Mrs. Jones recommended to her. When she first enters, she questions if the therapist is certified enough. She later meets Dr. Sonya Mitchell, to whom she reveals her episodes of rage, headaches and other symptoms she's been having for the past two weeks during school. Although she initially wanted to talk about her stress, it all builds up from the video scandal investigation, pressure, and her affair with Coach Radnor. She reveals to Dr. Mitchell that before she became the principal of James A. Masters High School, she used to be a stripper at The Horny Rhino, where she originally met Coach Radnor. In a flashback, her stage name was "Rosebud" and she performs Fucked My Way Up To The Top, where she falls down off the pole.

The Psychological Warfare

Rose has a conference with her boss, the superintendent of school districts, Jennifer Gordon. Gordon confronts Rose after James A. Masters High School gets poor ratings and it is considered one of the most "dangerous" schools, according to The Seattle Times. Rose attempts to remain optimistic with a promising argument that the school has thoroughly improved; but when Gordon shows her otherwise, she threatens Rose, claiming that if she isn't committed to her principal duties, then it is possible she'll be fired, leaving Rose guilty and afraid. Because of this, Rose is forced to make a public school announcement, written on paper, revealing that all students of the school are under investigation for the video scandal, and if a student refuses to be interrogated, they will be automatically suspended from school.

Meanwhile, after Trae gets into a physical altercation with Felix, she tells Trae that he disappoints her. She suspends Trae due to him breaking a school violation: The Safety-Zone Policy at the school. She tells Trae to leave her office after he confronts her for not doing her job and not discovering who was responsible for the video scandal. She also notices that she's been sick for more than a week. Rose also discovers a small protest mob entering the main office, and she tells them to shut up, but they refuse.

Rose is on the phone with Brian's father, who confronts her, but The Savages all enter her office to confront her once and for all. She refused to change the rules and give back their freedom, and Rose warns Trae, who returns, that The Savages will be in trouble for what they may do.

The Beast Unleashed

Rose witnesses the riot that happens with The Savages, and Rose confronts Trae for jeopardizing his education. Rose becomes intimidated when The Savages keep her from going into her office to remove cameras and proof of their damage. However, Rose watches the riot in agony as more students add on, and she suddenly develops a change of heart after Trae gets shot by a police officer in front of the crowd. Two days after, Rose is forced to make a public statement on behalf of the school district for the school's mishaps. However, she reads her formal statement written on paper, and she refuses to continue the statement, giving a public outburst. Because of this, Jennifer fires her when Rose admits that she isn't fit to be a strict principal, which is what Gordon expects of her. Near the end of the episode, Rose tries to call Coach Radnor, but he immediately pushes her call aside for something else. That same night, Rose left her school office; later on, she takes a pregnancy test, revealing that she is expecting.