Coach Jarrett Radnor is a minor character on The Savages. Radnor is a recurring guest star.

Coach Radnor is the coach of the Redhawks football team at James A. Mathers High School. He is first introduced in The Devil's Protégé. Radnor can be best described as belittling, strict, and desperate, based on his strong focus on allowing the Redhawks to win a game. He is also very competitive.

He is portrayed by Patrick Warburton and is not based on any user.


The Devil's Protégé

Coach Radnor makes his first appearance in the beginning, during football practice, where he encourages and somewhat discourages the football team to do great during their first football game of the season. When Zach asks to play, Radnor denies his request, claiming that he's more of a substitute and the team will get him when they need him. This also implies that Radnor doesn't think that Zach is a strong team player.

During their first football game of the season, Radnor becomes frustrated when a football team player is injured on the first try. Because of this, Radnor is forced to ask Zach to play; however, as Zach resists, Radnor becomes infuriated after he quits.