James A. Masters High School


Public School


Seattle, Washington


The Mafia - present


Jennifer Gordon (current)
Rose De Vil (former)

James A. Masters High School is a fictional high school and one of the main settings of the series, The Savages. The school is set in Seattle, Washington. The school mascot is the Redhawk, and the school colors are red and white. 


There are many facilities, including a myriad of classrooms, a choir room (which is only shown in The Mafia), a football field which the cheerleaders share for practice, a courtyard, and a facility lounge. 


Name Occupation
Angela Jones Music Teacher

Eric Baxter

English Literature Teacher
AP English Language & Composition Teacher
Felicia Ortiz

Spanish I & II Teacher
International Club Coach

Gloria Stansfield Algebra II Teacher
Howard Lee Chemistry Teacher
Chemistry Club Coach
Jarrett Radnor Football Coach
Physical Education Teacher
Sex Education Teacher
Jennifer Gordon Principal
Superintendent for Seattle Public Schools
Judith Haynes Secretary
Shane Baldwin United States History Teacher
Facilitator for JAM Student Council
Susan McFadden Biology Teacher


Name Occupation Reason
James Tatum Geometry Teacher He quit his job because of Dan Daniels
Rose De Vil Former Principal Fired for public outburst after press conference prior to the riot in Season 1.

Current Known StudentsEdit

Name Year of Graduation
Alex Herrera Class of 2017
Alyssa Tanner Class of 2018
Brian Gustin Class of 2017
Brianna Townsend Class of 2018
Carl Touché Class of 2017
Cass Everett Class of 2016
Claudia Wu Class of 2018
Dan Daniels Class of 2017, expelled/arrested
Gabe Weston Class of 2017
Gina Woods Class of 2017
Glenn Pierce Class of 2017
Iesha Bennett Class of 2017
Joe Bender Class of 2017
Kalleb Banks Class of 2017
Kyler Chase Class of 2016
Liam Newton Class of 2016
Lily Blossom Class of 2017
Luke Chambers Class of 2017
Matt Park Class of 2017
Maya Hastings Class of 2018
Mike Daugherty Class of 2017
Nate Osbourne Class of 2017
Rufus King Class of 2017
Sena Demir Class of 2017
Sis Davenport Class of 2018
Sydney Prescott Class of 2017
Trae Ventura Class of 2017
Troy Bowman Class of 2016
Viktor Nichols Class of 2018
Zachary Foxx Class of 2017

Former StudentsEdit

Name Year of Graduation
Felix Winchester Class of 2016; deceased
Hunter Tidale Class of 2017; deceased
Marisol De La Cruz Class of 2017; relocated

Known AlumniEdit

Name Year of Graduation
Andrew McAllister Class of 2015
Karen Touché Class of 1990
Stacey Ventura Class of 1982**
Watermelondrea Jones Class of 2015

Extracurricular ActivitiesEdit

Name Current Leader/s Description
The Redhawks

Coach: Jarrett Radnor
Quarterback: Rufus King

Football Team
The Red Hot Cheer Peppers Coach: N/A
Captain: Sena Demir
Cheerleading Team
Chemistry Club Coach: Howard Lee Mentioned in The Alibi
International Club Coach: Felicia Ortiz Mentioned in The Alibi
JAM Student Council

Facilitator: Shane Baldwin
President: Gabe Weston

Mentioned in The Alibi
The Red Onion Editor-in-Chief: Maya Hastings High School Newspaper


Glee Club Former Coach: Angela Jones Ended after an altercation between Watermelondrea and Sydney.