'Gina's Quotations 'are quotations made by Gina Woods, portrayed by Logan Browning.

Season OneEdit

Trae: The question is would you mind joining us? That’s only if you know how to be down.

Gina: Of course I can be down! Like, “Yo, yo, wassup? What it do? Ride or die. SWAG.”

Gina and Trae, The Mafia

Carl: "Stand in my way, and I’ll kick your ass!" Got it?

Gina: Yeah, stand in my way, and I’ll hit you in your buttocks!

Gina and Carl, The Mafia

Gina: Do I look like a French fry to you?

Alex: Um, no.

Gina: Do I look like a biscuit? Do I look like chicken noodle soup with a soda?

Alex: Of course not. Why?

Gina: Well, why are you treating me like a side order?

Gina and Alex, The Mafia

Trae: Gina, you haven’t liked any dude once you’ve got here. I’m starting to think you’re a lesbian—I mean, that’s pretty hot, but...

Gina: I am not a lesbian... I-I mean, I thought I was after watching Neve Campbell and Denise Richards making out in Wild Things.

Gina and Trae, The Boomerang Effect

Felix: Oh, I’m sorry, Moesha, but aren’t you in the low-income section, too?

Gina: Don't make me go to God on you.

Gina and Felix, The Boomerang Effect

Alex: Gina, I’m just like every other ordinary, boring guy.

Gina: And I’m just like every other ordinary girl, aware of guys who only like to play with three things — their manhood, video games, and girls’ hearts.

Gina and Alex, The Boomerang Effect

I am not a child. I am Destiny's Child, sucker.

Gina to Felix, The Feminist Manifesto

Considering the fact that the guys have been so rude and disrespectful to us, what were we supposed to do? Be submissive? I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey and I will not go that route…unless I’m aroused.

Gina to Rose, The Wild Ride

Gina: You want a taste of my Jell-O pudding?

Alex: No, I do not.

Gina: Come on, come on! Taste my Jell-O pudding! It’s Bill Cosby free!

Gina and Alex, using a metaphor for her vagina, The Wild Ride