Daniel "Dirty Dan" Daniels is a recurring character on The Savages. He is the leader of The Sexxx Symbols and a student at James A. Masters High School. He is a character well known for his extremely flirtatious personality, and his masculinity. In The Beast Unleashed, Dan is arrested for the school's video scandal, as well as voyeurism, but it is revealed that he was framed by Trae and Kalleb.

Physically he's the hottest of his cliqué, he's often mistaken for an amateur porn star; in terms of brains, he's not the brightest star, however he's very astute and knows how to use his looks to his advantage.

He is portrayed by Adam Hagenbuch and is based on HereforHorris.

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Season One (7/8)
Season Two (2/10)


The Mafia

Dan was first seen when he started a conversation with Trae about a time when they had cybersex on Skype, apparently Trae doesn't want to be with Dirty Dan because of his reputation as the leader of The Sexxx Symbols. We know he thinks Trae "is a hoe" and that he texts him without getting an answer.

The Devil's Protégé

Dan's quest to impress Trae continues, but he continues to pester Trae for sexual interactions. When The Sexxx Symbols encourage Dan to approach Trae, he attempts to act "natural." However, Dan's presence is confronted by Trae. It is revealed that the two were going to date, but at the time Dan had a boyfriend, and apparently so did Trae, who denies this. Because Dan fails to please Trae, he asks Carl Touché on a date, which goes awry. Carl and Dan were at the urge to have sex, but Carl immediately resisted prior to the size of his penis.

The Boomerang Effect

Dan briefly appears in this episode - he attends the school assembly, and witnesses a school-wide broadcast video of Brian and Vik passionately kissing each other, to which he expresses excitable interest in, but the Sexxx Symbols force him to sit down.