Claudia Wu is a minor to recurring character in REBELReloaded's fanfiction series, The Savages. Claudia is a sophomore at James A. Masters High School, and a former member of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers. Despite her quirky and timid personality, not much is known about her, except for her friendship with Alyssa Tanner.

She is portrayed by Hayley Kiyoko.

Storyline Edit

The Mafia

Claudia makes a very brief appearance during an interrupted rehearsal with The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, when Sena confronts the cheerleaders for their lack of energy and motivation to win, Claudia makes a comment about her edges. After Sena insults her, Claudia immediately runs and cries.

The Boomerang Effect

After another routine gone bad with The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, Claudia comes to the consensus that Lily must return back to the cheerleading squad, despite Sena's refusal to. Claudia also makes a comment towards Alyssa when she reveals that she has a black belt in Karate. Claudia admits that Lily was one of the strongest teammates in the squad, but Sena shuts her thoughts down, threatening to kick her out as well. At the assembly, meanwhile, Claudia covers Alyssa's eyes prior to the video scandal.

The Feminist Manifesto

Claudia, alongside the cheerleaders, comes to Brianna's defense after a jock, whom Claudia thinks he has a resemblance to Bow Wow, sexually harasses her in the cafeteria. During the "What Does Feminism Mean to You?" montage, it takes Claudia a very long time to respond to the question. During the Classic Man/Lemonade performance against The Moneybags, Claudia gives eye contact with Kyler.

Songs Edit

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Classic Man/Lemonade The Feminist Manifesto Alyssa, Felix, Iesha, Kyler, Mike, and Sena