Carl Touché is a main character on The Savages. Carl is a series regular.

Viewed as the baby of the group, although he isn't exactly the youngest, Carl joins the Savages prior to his abhorrence towards the school rules. After a heated argument with the principals of the school, Carl, alongside the group, is eager to seek vengeance.

He is portrayed by Nick Robinson, and is based on Touchinos.

Biography Edit

Carl's history involves getting into an argument with Mr. Bradshaw, one of the meanest teachers in the school, causing him to get in trouble. Carl later throws a brick through the teacher's windshield and walks off smirking. His history is unknown by most.

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Season One (8/8)
Season Two (4/8)

Storyline Edit

The Mafia

Carl is first seen in the episode during Trae's cover of Hard, providing back-up with the rest of The Savages. Carl is also shown walking around with the rest of The Savages around the school, intimidating most of the students. Once Trae and Felix begin to argue, Carl watches with most of the other Savages and chimes in multiple times.

Carl is also seen when Trae introduces Gina to The Savages. Carl agrees with the other members that Gina definitely needs a makeover to become a Savage, and is mentioned along with Alex by Trae when Gina asks who is going to help her become more badass.

During Bang Bang, Carl and Trae work together to help Gina work on improving her attitude and making it worse. Gina grabs Carl by the collar and shows some attitude. After Gina exits the bathroom fully made-over, Carl excitedly yells "Slay me!" After that, Joe comes by and criticizes The Savages, calling them fake. Once Sydney fights back with Joe, Carl supports her.

Carl is last seen sitting with the rest of The Savages when Alex and Gina have their fight. After that, the Moneybags come up to confront the Savages. After Trae dismisses the Moneybags, Carl joins in the final number of the episode, Teenagers.

The Devil's Protégé

Carl is first seen in this episode sitting at lunch with the rest of The Savages when Dirty Dan comes up to try and talk to Trae about why he is avoiding him and his calls. After The Savages tell him off, Dan decides to leave. He asks Trae if he is sure, and Trae tells him he's positive. Carl stands up to get Dan to leave, and Dan asks Carl on a date, and Carl immediately accepts. Once Carl turns around and sees the rest of The Savages looking at him angrily, he says he couldn't help it since Dan was hot and there was an opportunity. Trae tells Carl that he can have Dan.

Carl is next seen joining Trae and Alex at lunch, telling them about his date with Dan, which was a disaster. On the date, Carl and Dan were making out in Dan's room, and Dan unzips his pants. Once Carl feels his package, he is uncomfortable and goes to the restroom, where he quickly leaves. Back in the present, the three begin to discuss trusting Joe. Trae isn't sure, Alex doesn't trust him at all, and Carl thinks he's kind of cute, to which Alex replies Carl thinks everyone is cute.

Carl is next seen joining the rest of The Savages in the locker room to defend Zachary from some of the Jocks who want to fight him. Carl joins the rest of the group in singing backup for Clique. After the song is over, Zachary thanks the group for defending him, and Carl states that when someone joins The Savages, they all have each other's backs.

Carl is finally seen with the rest of The Savages at lunch during Trae's narration.

The Boomerang Effect

Carl is first mentioned in the episode in a flashback with Sydney, Nate, and Trae, when Trae tells the group that Sena did the Kylie Jenner lip challenge on her vagina.

After Principal De Vil tells the students about her new rules, Carl is seen with The Savages in the courtyard. Carl states that it's not just Rose - the teachers are being super anal lately. As Trae reveals his plan, Zach questions it, and Carl warns against that. When Felix comes up to antagonize The Savages, Carl watches as Alex gets in a verbal exchange with him.

The next day, Alex is standing in the hallways watching Gina from afar. Trying to be there for his best friend, Carl confronts him, stating that he looks kind of creepy. Alex is upset because Gina will not speak to him. Carl tells Alex that Gina is probably over it, and tells him to act natural. Alex tells Carl that he stood outside Gina's home a few nights prior, and was throwing rocks at her window so she could see the flowers he brought her. However, it began to pour rain. Alex left, discouraged. Joe walks up to the two and ponders if Alex is trying too hard. Alex gets angry, but Carl calms him down. Marisol, Alex's ex-girlfriend is brought up, and Carl ends the conversation, telling Alex to be himself.

Later, Carl and Alex talk about how Alex is still not acting natural and he is trying too hard to impress Gina. Carl tells Alex that he has to do more than show manners or try to impress Gina, he has to show her who he really is, and Alex states Carl is probably right. Carl tells Alex that he always is, and Alex rolls his eyes.

Carl performs with the rest of The Savages during Run This Town. When the performance is cut off, Carl watches the video of Vik and Brian making out and is shocked along with the rest of the crowd.

Carl is next mentioned in a conversation between Alex and Gina, with Gina telling Alex that Carl told her that Sydney had lied about being Alex's girlfriend. Carl also told Gina that Alex liked her, even though she said she obviously already knew.

The Feminist Manifesto

Carl first appears in this episode waiting with the other Savages for Nate to finish getting ready. The Savages make jokes while they wait. After Nate comes outside, the Savages take Carl's father's van to the movies.

As the Savages get to the movies, Trae asks Carl if he is excited to see Jurassic World. Carl states he is only going to see the hot actor who supposedly looks just like him, and Alex states for Carl not to touch himself, since they all know how Carl acts when he sees hot guys. Carl and some of the others go inside to save seats while Alex and Gina go in the concessions line.

The next day, Carl is stopped by Rufus. Carl assumes Rufus wants to fight over his friend's video being leaked, but Rufus just inquires to Carl about joining The Savages. Carl tells Rufus he will introduce him to the rest of the group to see if he fits in or not. Rufus agrees, and the two leave, not noticing Alex watching. Later, Carl is confronted in Chemistry by Alex. Once Carl tells him Rufus wants to join, Alex is immediately angry and against the idea, blaming Rufus for taking his spot on the team. Carl asks Alex to give him a chance. Alex remains stubborn.

After that, Carl introduces Rufus to the rest of the Savages. When Rufus states that he is really only good to be a mascot, the rest of the group looks at Carl as if they wonder what he has just done.

After that, Alex and Carl are interviewed on what feminism means to them. Carl speaks after Alex, talking about how Nicki Minaj is great. Carl gets distracted, but when Alex reminds him to get back on topic, Carl talks about how women are taking over many industries, specifically the music industry. Carl states that he can't wait to meet Nicki Minaj.

After school that day, when Rufus is getting to know a few of the Savages, Carl is joined by Alex, who does not want to be near Rufus. Alex complains about how Rufus thinks he fits in with the Savages now, leading to Carl telling Alex he doesn't know how to let things go, and that Alex needs to give Rufus a chance.A BITCH Carl gets Alex to agree by using tough love.

The Wild Ride


Songs Edit

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Teenagers The Mafia Alex, Gina, Joe, Nate, Sydney and Trae
Young, Fresh N New The Wild Ride Alex, Gina, Joe, Lily, Nate, Sydney, Trae and Zach
Complicated The Psychological Warfare Alex and Sydney
We're Not Gonna Take It The Beast Unleashed Alex, Gina, Lily, Sydney and Trae


  • Carl is the fourth person to join The Savages.
  • Carl is the first person to get two solos in one episode.

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