Art Of War
Released: June 21st, 2015
By: Carolina Webb
Sung by: Sydney Prescott
Place: Hallways of James A. Mathers High School
Episode: The Boomerang Effect

Art Of War by Carolina Webb is featured in The Boomerang Effect, the third episode of The Savages. It is sung by Sydney.

It is the third song of the episode. Sydney sings it after realizing that Joe is trying to manipulate her the way that he manipulated Nate.

Lyrics Edit

He’s an expert in the art of war
Studied all his strategies
Read the map and saw the plans
It’s looking to me like World War III
Tells me what I want to hear
Just so he could get close to me
Thought that I was in his scope
But it seems he’s looking at everything

It’s a land where you live
And you die with your pride
But it’s all that you have
Only way you’ll survive
And you hide what you know
Just to keep them alive
When you love, but my love just died

I’ll show you the art of war
Do you know what this is for?
Lies like a pistol
Cheating’s like a missle
Bombs start dropping when I tell you that I miss you
Flirting’s a grenade
Touching is a tank
And I’m scarred up in every way...

Trivia Edit

  • This is Sydney's first solo on the series.


The Art Of War - Caroline Webb

The Art Of War - Caroline Webb