Angelika Summers is a minor character in the fanfiction series, The Savages. Angelika is a James A. Masters High School student, and she is a member of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers

Angelika is first introduced in The Devil's Protégé, and she is portrayed by AJ Michalka and based on PeonyPetals.


The Devil's Protégé

Angelika is first introduced as a cheerleader in The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, where she performs outside of the football field with the rest of the members. Like the others, Angelika is very irritated by Alyssa Tanner's presence, and she confronts her by asking if she belongs somewhere else. Meanwhile, Angelika witnesses the physical altercation between Lily and Sena and stops her best friend, Iesha from adding to the conflict.

Later on, Angelika and Iesha are sent to the principal's office for another conflict with Iesha. Angelika explains the occasion - where Angelika tells Alyssa to stop trying to take over their daily practice. After Alyssa attacks Angelika, she pushes her down, forcing Alyssa to cry. Due to this situation, Angelika, alongside Iesha, is suspended from school. However, Angelika views this as unfair and biased because Alyssa is a younger student.