Andres Rivera is a character on The Savages. Andres is a recurring guest star.

He is portrayed by Diego Boneta and is based on user Quickrydina.

Background Edit

In the past, Andres and his cousin Alex Herrera did not get along due to the fact that Andres always got Alex in trouble while making himself look better. This led to Alex having a deep resentment towards Andres, and choosing to stay far away from him whenever he comes around.

Storyline Edit

In The School For Scandal, Andres comes to live with the Herrera family for a while since his mother's breast cancer has returned and his father is too ill to take care of him. This causes animosity by Alex, since Andres is now dating Alex's ex-girlfriend Marisol.

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  • Andres is the only student character to be related to one of The Savages.

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