Alyssa Tanner is a minor to recurring character on The Savages. Alyssa is a member of The Red Hot Cheer Peppers' cheerleading squad, and she is youngest student at James A. Masters High School

In the series, Alyssa is best described as a young, quirky, and annoying cheerleader who has skipped 4 years of school due to her unusual intelligence. People usually despise her for her personality and her tendency to overachieve. Despite her intelligence, she is an outcast, and she doesn't know how to defend herself when students take advantage of her.

She is portrayed by Addison Riecke and is based on Alyssafowble.

Biography Edit

Alyssa Tanner was born in Seattle, Washington, the year of 2004. After years of preschool, she moved up to elementary school, where in fifth grade, teachers noticed she was very intelligent for her age. Her ability to critically think, observe, and gather complex knowledge was taken in consideration; therefore, she was requested to skip five years of elementary school. She attended James A. Masters High School during her freshman year. 

Storyline Edit

The Mafia

Alyssa is first introduced as an outgoing cheerleader who feels neglected by her peers. In the beginning of the episode, she appears in a montage discussing Trae. Alyssa acknowledges that he is a good singer, but SoundCloud will not make him famous. Meanwhile, during The Red Hot Cheer Peppers' cheerleading routine, they perform Pass That Dutch. However, Alyssa ruins their performance, and she is admonished for it by Sena, who continues to call her different names. Many times throughout the episode, she reminds Sena that her name is Alyssa, but it is ignored.

The Devil's Protégé

During a crossover routine with The Jocks and The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, Sena calls Alyssa a screw-up, and Alyssa continues to defend her name. Meanwhile, Alyssa attempts to participate in an impromptu "Sausage" performance, but The Red Hot Cheer Peppers immediately stop, knowing that she is very young to speak in that manner. On the next day, Alyssa gets Angelika and Iesha into trouble, after Alyssa provokes Angelika during a heated argument for practice. Rose gives Alyssa a lollipop, implying that she is favored by the principal.

The Boomerang Effect

In the beginning of the episode, Alyssa is mentioned in a flashback, where Trae addresses a rumor of an alleged relationship between Alyssa and Kyler, a member of the Moneybags. Meanwhile, Alyssa attends her first period class in Literature, with a new hairstyle, which Angelika and Iesha insult. Alyssa, meanwhile, appears in another routine and she loses her balance while practicing. Sena calls her lazy, and Alyssa defends herself, while also getting into another heated argument with Iesha, who held a grudge on her for getting her in trouble. Later that day, Trae approaches Alyssa while he and Zach perform Ratchet Commandments, making a snide remark during the song by referring "I'd rather be making money than taking care of some kids," to her. The next few days, during the assembly, Alyssa witnesses the infamous video scandal between Brian and Slick Vik, and her friend, Claudia, covers Alyssa's eyes.

The Feminist Manifesto

In the cafeteria, Alyssa appears alongside The Red Hot Cheer Peppers, who discuss the loss of their privileges after the video scandal. Angelika mentions that Alyssa is favored by Rose De Vil the most, and Alyssa admits that she only likes the principals because she gives her candy, which was the reason why she got Angelika and Iesha in trouble. Ironically, Sena praises her for it. During the "What Does Feminism Mean to You?" montage, she recalls the moment she defended herself from rude boys in her second grade class, and she reveals that she's a lesbian, although Iesha responds negatively because she's young. Alyssa also performs in Classic Man/Lemonade against The Moneybags, and Alyssa gives unusual eye contact to Kyler.

Songs Edit

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Classic Man/Lemonade The Feminist Manifesto Claudia, Felix, Iesha, Kyler, Mike, and Sena