Alex may be one of the hottest dudes in the school, but don’t let his Magic Mike presence fool you. He’s like the Hulk, at least now. He used to be a jock, and I, for damn sure, didn’t want him in it at first, but he showed me what he could do. Kick ass.

—Trae Ventura, The Mafia

Alejandro "Alex" Gustavo Herrera is a major character in The Savages. He is introduced as the fourth and original member of The Savages, and a junior at James A. Masters High School. Alex, originally born in New York, comes from a rough background which enhanced his aggressive personality. 

Trae describes him as physically attractive yet very scary, which encouraged him to appoint him in the group. Throughout the series, Alex appears very loyal to his clique and his friends. When others confront his friends, he takes initiative to attack and defend his own. Despite his aggression, he's very down-to-earth, sensitive and often lively. Once he meets Gina, he has a change of heart.

He is portrayed by Alex Meraz and is based on ChiefAlejandro.

Biography Edit

Alex Herrera was born and raised for the first few years of his life in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. When he turned four, his family moved to Seattle, Washington. Alex grew up in a family with his parents Armando and Maria, and three older siblings, Roberto "Robbie" (26), Isabella "Izzy", and Fernando "Fernie" (19). His family is very argumentative, leading to constant battles between each other.

It is revealed in The Wild Ride that Alex attended Children's Academy Elementary School during pre-school and shared Ring Pops together in Ms. Hayes' class with Gina Woods.

Two years before joining the Savages, Alex dated a girl named Marisol, who left him behind when she moved to California. This effected Alex heavily, as she is all he used to bring up when someone talked about love. Also before joining the Savages, Alex was the Quarterback of the James A. Mathers High School football team. After a physical altercation with another student that had to be broken up by a teachers, and a subsequent trip to Principal Rose De Vil's office, Alex was suspended and removed from the team and replaced by Rufus King.

During his suspension, Alex's originally altruistic personality dramatically shifted into an aggressive one. Once Alex returned to school, he no longer associated with those he once had, opting to join Trae Ventura's clique, The Savages.

Storyline Edit

Alex is introduced as an original and fourth member of The Savages. According to Trae, who took him under his wing, he was originally a jock for the Redhawks. However, he lost his quarterback position and was replaced with Rufus King, shortly after a physical altercation that got him suspended sophomore year. In the present, Alex stands by Trae's idea to recruit new members into their clique. Alex mostly defends Trae and the Savages from rival cliques, particularly The Moneybags, who provoke the group in the cafeteria. When Trae introduces The Savages to new member Gina, Alex becomes immediately infatuated and is willing to get to know her.

Alex and Gina develop a bond, where he reveals his insecurities after being a jock and his jealousy towards Rufus. As the two get to know each other, Gina's attitude towards him shifts when Sydney tells Gina that she's dating him. Alex, however, is oblivious to this situation until Trae explains Sydney's intentions to him later on. Alex takes Trae's advice that he should give Gina space before pursuing her, but his interests in her take a toll on him, especially with Gina's silence. (The Mafia, The Devil's Protégé)

Shortly after confronting Felix Winchester in the hallway with Trae Ventura, Alex gets confronted by Carl Touché and Joe Bender for his obsessive affections for Gina, encouraging him to act natural. Alex makes a priority to show Gina a different side of him. The next day, however, Gina calls him a "loverboy" and poses a disinterest in his presence, when in reality she's very interested in him. Eventually, Alex and Gina reconcile and renew their relationship with each other, when he reveals his past with his ex-girlfriend Marisol and she reveals issues with her past relationships as well. (The Boomerang Effect)

The relationship between Alex and Gina becomes a core storyline for the rest of the season; during a night out with The Savages, Alex impresses Gina by defending her from a group of guys who sexually harass her. Aware of Carl's advice, Alex decides to take baby steps with her. Alex also sends support to Gina for taking a stand against misogyny. Meanwhile, Alex becomes very adamant towards Rufus's addition to The Savages, after Rufus proposes his loyalty to Carl. Alex is then interviewed about feminism, wher ehe believes women are deprived of their rights and deserve equality. (The Feminist Manifesto)

Alex and Gina's relationship strengthens, to the point where Trae is aware of it because he used his money to tip the cashier at the movies, just to impress Gina. But, during the Savages's road trip gone wrong, Alex and Gina both realize that they have known each other since kindergarten, because of a childhood memory. In the end, Alex helps an intoxicated Gina when they go to The Rave. After the situation in Oregon, Alex and the clique go to the police station, where Alex's mother Maria berates him and assumes he was arrested.

Alex reveals that he was born and raised for the first few years of his life in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. However, his parents realized that New York was too dangerous for their family and relocated to Seattle. Alex mentions that his older brothers and sister, Robbie, Fernie, and Izzy, were very dysfunctional siblings when they were young. Alex realizes how dramatic his family is.

Worse enough, he prepares for his troublesome cousin Andres to stay, reminded that his aunt's breast cancer returned. Much to Alex's anger, he is forced to be friendly. His mother insists that his cousin goes to school with Alex for the week. But, Alex's passive-aggressive attitude towards Andres takes a toll on him, as he tries to balance hospitality and focusing on a potential relationship with Gina, who secretly has feelings for him. Alex feels invaded by Andres's company; specially after he is forced to decline a dinner date with Gina and Zachary for dinner with Andres and his girlfriend, who is shockingly revealed to be Alex's ex-girlfriend, Marisol.

Alex reaches his breaking point with Andres, confronting him for years of trouble, causing Andres to threaten to leave. Marisol, however, seeks closure with Alex, who seems very bitter with her departure. Uncertain to forgive easily, the two put differences aside, which gives him more hope to take a chance with Gina. The next day, before he apologizes to Andres, he contributes to a bro-talk with Carl and Trae, who share similar issues. Afterwards, Alex and Gina finally come to terms with their interest in each other, and they share a kiss. (The Wild Ride, The School For Scandal)

In the final two episodes of the first season, Alex becomes a support system for Trae, as he faces anger management issues, gets suspended and agrees to take action against Rose De Vil and the school system. Alex also confronts Nate for quitting and turning against The Savages, realizing Joe's bad influence on him. After participating in the riot and Trae gets shot, Alex and Gina remain optimistic with The Savages's fate. However, the group slowly deteriorates and it gives the two the potential to come to terms with their romantic feelings for each other. The two finally begin dating, despite Gina's warnings about her insecurities. (The Psychological Warfare, The Beast Unleashed)

A month later, Alex and Gina's relationship remains a staple, although Alex becomes very resistant of the new principal Jennifer Gordon, who enforces new, unfair rules that forces him to spark a rant across the school. He gets suspended, eventually. As Alex returns, he is bombarded with news by Sydney about Trae's mastermind-like responsibility in the video scandal. Unlike the others, Alex remains loyal to Trae and defends him when Sydney proposes that they kick him out of his own group. After an intervention with Trae once he returns, Trae quits and Alex tries very hard to convince him to return. (The Alibi, The Scarlet Letters)

When this plan fails, Alex comes to terms with Trae's decision to separate, while also blaming Sydney for targeting and degrading him. Aside from this, Alex and Gina already face complications in their relationship. While the two explores intimacy, Gina resists regarding a traumatizing past, which is revealed to be a sexual assault from her ex-boyfriend, correlating with the time Alex was the quarterback for the Redhawks. In a flashback, he gets into an altercation with Brian, which causes him to get taken off the team for aggressive behavior. At the same time, Alex cheats on then-girlfriend Marisol with Sena Demir. This past secret is known by an anonymous source when Alex and Gina both receive scarlet letters.

When they both come forth with receiving the letters, they both realize that after Sydney got a letter, they were targets, slightly tying his involvement with Felix's murder. (The Conflict of Interest)

Appearances (11/16)Edit

Season One (8/8)
Season Two (3/8)

Songs Edit

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season One
Song Episode Solos with
Teenagers The Mafia Carl, Gina, Joe, Nate, Sydney and Trae
Run This Town (Episode Version Only) The Boomerang Effect Gina, Sydney and Trae
Nude Beach A Go-Go (Backup) The Wild Ride Gina and Trae
Young, Fresh N New Carl, Gina, Joe, Lily, Nate, Sydney, Trae, and Zachary
Ready Or Not/Ready Or Not Gina, Lily and Trae
Troubeaux The School For Scandal Gina, Trae, & Zachary
Complicated The Psychological Warfare Sydney & Carl
We're Not Gonna Take It The Beast Unleashed Sydney, Gina, Lily, Trae & Carl
Unreleased songs

Solos (In a Group Number)
Season Two
Song Episode Solos with
Everybody Wants To Rule The World The Alibi Carl, Gina, Sydney and Zachary
Secrets The Scarlet Letters Carl, Sydney and Zachary
The Powers That Be The Powers That Be Gina and Sydney
We Run This The Glamazons vs. The Savages Alyssa, Claudia, Gabe, Iesha, Joe, Kalleb, Lily, Rufus, Sena, Sis, Sydney, Trae and Vik
Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary The Third-Degree Burns Carl, Gina and Sena
Heathens The Third-Degree Burns Carl, Gina, Nate, Trae and Zachary

Trivia Edit

  • Alex is one of the five original members of The Savages.
  • Alex is the fifth person to join The Savages.
  • Alex is the only member of the original five Savages to have been a part of the Jock clique.
  • Alex has Ms. Stansfield's Algebra II class with Sydney and Nate, Mr. Lee's Chemistry class with Carl and Zachary and Ms. Ortiz's Spanish I class with Gina.
  • Alex is the only member of the Savages to have joined after being kicked out of another group.
  • Alex is, at the moment, the only Hispanic member of The Savages.
  • Alex is the only member of the Savages to have a family member join the student body (Andres, his cousin joins the school in The School for Scandal.)
  • Alex is the character with the most family members introduced in an episode with his cousin Andres, parents, and two of his siblings making their first appearance in The School for Scandal.
  • Alex is the first character and first member of The Savages to have older siblings introduced.
  • As such, Alex is also the Savage with the most relatives on the show at the moment.
  • Alex is the first character to be revealed as being from another state originally.


Sorry doesn’t really help, you know? Sometimes you have to let go of the past and move on to the future. Without me, I know the football team will lose.

—Alex Herrera, The Mafia

Marisol is different, okay? Marisol dumped me because she wanted to move to Los Angeles with her Chihuahua. It still breaks my heart.

—Alex Herrera, The Devil's Protégé

Tú eres un hijo de puta! Te voy a dar una paliza. Peleo gente. Estas molesto y grosero. No me gusta. Estoy loco, amigo. Estoy loco. No hables basura. No me hagas un puñetazo en la cara, pedazo de mierda!

—Alex Herrera, The Boomerang Effect

What’s feminism to me? Feminism is equality. I support it 100%. I appreciate women—I believe that women can do more than cook, clean, and take care of a child. I believe that they can work and bring in a fair amount of money compared to a man. Women can make a difference, and so can men. You see, if women were pretty much able to do certain things, they could have more respect, but women are always deprived of their rights to America, and it’s ridiculous.

—Alex Herrera, The Feminist Manifesto

Well, what about when I let you borrow my Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape? What about the Kanye West album I gave you in freshman year? Okay, maybe I haven't done any nice things in particular.

—Alex Herrera, The Wild Ride

Do you think there's a Taco Bell around this way? Just wondering.

—Alex Herrera, The Wild Ride

You think this is bad? My childhood’s been bad for years—even my family. I respect my mom, but I just wish she would just… shut up. Before I moved to Seattle when I was four, I lived in the worst part of Brooklyn, New York. Bedford-Stuyvesant—you know, where Biggie Smalls resided. Believe it or not, I never noticed how dangerous my life was there, but it wasn’t a life in paradise. I’m talking Papi store robberies…

—Alex Herrera, The School For Scandal

Well, maybe I exaggerated at that point, but my family is like oil and water… every day. Keeping Up With the Herreras, coming to your local televisions this winter. Welcome to my life.

—Alex Herrera, The School For Scandal

Well, besides dancing on top of tables, slapping the hell out of Sydney, throwing up on Nate’s shoes, and asking for Jell-O pudding—Bill Cosby free—nothing extreme.

—Alex Herrera, The School For Scandal

I know you guys may think I’m being a dick to Andres—but there are just some things you may not understand when it comes to him. Sometimes, he starts trouble without even knowing it. In any form or way possible, he does it, but enough of him—my main focus is Gina. Let’s be real, I’m crazy about her, but I still have doubts, you know? A few weeks ago, we agreed to be friends—but I still want to be more than that. We’ve been so close for the past few days, it’s hard denying how much I like her. I would have told her how I felt if Andres didn’t decide to interrupt. I guess it’s like this—I don’t know if I’ll survive these next few days, weeks, months with Andres. Will he be that capable of interfering with my personal life? I’ll expect the unexpected.

—Alex Herrera, The School For Scandal

Instead of complaining about it, maybe we should do something about it. Actions definitely speak louder than words, guys.

—Alex Herrera, The Psychological Warfare

Okay, first of all, that’s racist. Second of all, that’s completely false. Thirdly, don’t ever tell me to shut up again, you hear me?

—Alex Herrera, The Psychological Warfare