Alex-Gina Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Alina
Intimacy Level: Boyfriend & Girlfriend
Dating History: Met in Elementary school, but were separated.

Formally met again and begin crushing in The Mafia. Kissed and began dating in The School For Scandal.

Dating Status: Dating as of The School For Scandal

The Alex-Gina Relationship, also known as Alina, is a relationship between Alex Herrera and Gina Woods.

Background Edit

As revealed in The Wild Ride, Alex and Gina met in preschool in Ms. Hayes' class at the Children's Academy Elementary School. The two hit it off and shared Ring Pops, leading Gina to remember him fondly, but the two did not realize that they had shared this experience until they discussed it. The couple formally met again in the first episode of the series, The Mafia, after being introduced by Trae Ventura. At the moment, the two have renewed their friendship and both feel attracted to one another.

Storyline Edit

The Mafia

The relationship is first referenced to when Trae comes up with the idea or bring Gina into The Savages. Alex does not know who Gina is, but once she is pointed out, Alex feels an immediate attraction. When Alex is introduced to Gina, he flirts heavily. Gina notices her physical attraction to Alex, but does not act on it. As Gina is incorporated into the group, Alex is amazed at how she looks even more after her makeover. Later on, Alex is sitting on the bleachers watching the football team, and Gina joins him. Alex reveals his history, and Gina apologizes, to which Alex says that apologies don't mean much, and he had to move into the future. Gina reminds him that he has a group of people with him now, and it makes him smile. Gina then asks him to go out for ice cream, offering to pay. Alex smiles and accepts, commenting that she's totally not a Savage yet. The two do not notice that Sydney is watching. Later that night, Gina goes over to Sydney's house. Sydney begins asking Gina if she likes Alex, and when Gina reveals that she isn't quite ready to date, Sydney lies and tells her that she is glad, because Alex is her boyfriend. Gina immediately feels upset, and leaves, feeling something for Alex despite the fact that they only met the day before. The next day, Alex comes up to Gina in the courtyard, preparing to ask her on a date in order to help her be more of a Savage. Gina declines angrily, thinking that Alex wants to play her as a side chick while he dates Sydney, and she yells at him to go with his girlfriend, which confuses him. Alex begins to tell her he doesn't have a girlfriend, but is interrupted by the arrival of The Moneybags. During the final song of the episode, Teenagers, the two look at each other multiple times, with Gina feeling angst and Alex feeling confused.

The Devil's Protégé

In this episode, Gina and Alex's interaction begins when the Savages are sitting in the courtyard together. Alex makes eye contact with Gina, but Gina rolls her eyes and ignores him. Alex is still confused. When Gina makes a joke, Alex laughs, but is given a serious expression by Gina and stops laughing. Later on, while Trae and Alex are eating lunch together, Alex tells Trae about Gina telling him to go on a date with Sydney, and Trae reveals what Sydney did. Alex gets angry, but realizes that Trae is right whenever he says to give Gina time. During Hollaback Girl, Alex begins to dance, and notices Gina, who was ignoring the song. At the end of the episode, when Trae is narrating his story, his passage about how love can be a weapon corresponds with Alex and Gina sharing a look, which ends in a smile from Gina, who is still hurt but feels bad about avoiding Alex, showing that the two might be on their way to good terms.

The Boomerang Effect

Alex and Gina's interaction in this episode begins when Gina and Trae are in their English class together. Gina tells Trae that it isn't that she doesn't like Alex, she just does not trust guys like him. Later, when Felix begins talking shit to Gina, Alex defends her, which surprises Gina. After that, Carl catches Alex staring at Gina in the hallways, and confronts him. Alex expresses that Gina constantly avoids him the closer he tries to get to her, and Carl tells him to act natural. Alex tells Carl that he stood outside Gina's home a few nights prior, and was throwing rocks at her window so she could see the flowers he brought her. However, it began to pour rain. Alex left, discouraged. Joe walks up to the two and ponders if Alex is trying too hard. Alex gets angry, but Carl calms him down. Marisol, Alex's ex-girlfriend is brought up, and Carl ends the conversation. Carl reminds Alex to just be himself, and he and Joe leave. Alex imagines himself singing Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic to Gina, and in his imagination, she is very excited. After he finishes the song, he states that he has to get her. The next day, Alex approaches Gina at her locker. When she drops her belongings, Alex helps her pick them up. Gina thanks him, and attempts to leave, but Alex calls out for her to stop. Gina asks if he is going to ask her out again, and Alex says no, but then admits he wants to. Gina calls him a lover-boy and tells him to try again, and Alex tells her that he isn't just a player, he tells her he is a normal guy. Gina says she is just a girl who knows about boys who want to play around. Gina walks off, and Alex yells to her that he will prove her wrong. She tries to hide her smile and her blush as she leaves. Later on, Carl and Alex talk about how Alex is still not acting natural and he is trying too hard to impress Gina. Carl once again tells Alex to be himself around Gina, and Alex states Carl is probably right. The next morning, Alex meets Gina at her locker, and he asks if they can talk. Gina agrees, and Alex apologizes for being creepy over the past couple of weeks. Gina accepts, and the two both share their stories about being hurt by significant others in the past. Gina states that her last boyfriend decided that she wasn't pretty enough, and Alex tells her she is pretty. After a silence, Alex tells Gina how his last girlfriend abandoned him. Alex and Gina decide to restart their friendship, reintroducing themselves to each other, and make plans to go with the rest of The Savages to the movies that week. Alex walks off after winking, and Gina smiles. Gina admits to herself that there is definitely an attraction there, one that is stronger after seeing Alex for who he really is. She realizes that love might be in her face without her noticing.

The Feminist Manifesto

Alex and Gina's interaction in this episode is what sets off the main events of the episode. During a movie outing with some of the other Savages, Gina volunteers to go to the snack line while others go save seats. Alex also volunteers to "help carry the drinks," which Carl sees through right away. Alex and Gina joke around in the line, sharing lots of smiles and laughter. Alex also shows Gina his physique, which impresses her. Alex is happy to be making small steps with Gina. Once they reach the front of the line, Alex pays for the food and as they are waiting, Gina is sexually harassed by two other moviegoers, X and Rich. Alex steps in to defend Gina, and the two boys leave. Gina mentions how irritating that was, and Alex tells her that not all guys are like that. Gina is appreciative, but mentions her frustration with how boys seem to always think they have power over girls. She wishes she could do something to change. Alex tells her that no matter what she does, he will support her. Gina smiles and exchanges a joke with Alex, which ends in another physique show off. The two enter the theater together.

The Wild Ride

Alex and Gina's interaction in this episode begins when Carl imagines Trae and Alex singing backup to her solo of Nude Beach A Go-Go. Later, Trae and Alex are discussing Alex having tipped the cashier with Trae's money at the movies in The Feminist Manifesto. Trae accuses Alex of trying to impress Gina, and Alex says that isn't true. The two are next seen singing together in Ready Or Not/Ready Or Not. Later that night, after the van breaks down, Gina is sitting alone by the fire and Alex offers her cookies and a hoodie for warmth, asking if he can join her. She agrees, and thanks him once again for defending her at the movies. She says that boys normally aren't like that for her. Alex says maybe she hasn't met the right boy, and she says that only boy who was genuinely kind to her was a Hispanic boy who had nice hair in preschool. Gina mentions that Alex reminds her of the boy, who she would share Ring Pops with. Gina also mentions that all of that occurred at Children's Academy Elementary School. Alex states he went there for preschool, and was in Ms. Hayes' class, and Gina states that she also had that class, and the two shockingly realize they have known each other for a lot longer than they originally thought. Later that night at The Rave, Gina gets very drunk and begins to embarrass herself. Alex steps up to convince her to chill out, and she begins to flirt, calling him Hercules. As Alex attempts to convince Gina to drink some water, Sydney tries a more aggressive manner of doing so and gets slapped. Alex holds Gina back from fighting, and then Gina gets sick. Alex takes care of her while everyone else backs away from the vomit. When Gina begins to cry, Alex comforts her while she discusses wanting Jell-O pudding. Later on, Alex carries Gina out of the club and tries to get her into the van, but she doesn't want to, so she begins Alex if he wants to try her Jell-O pudding. Alex says no, but Gina continues to flirt until Alex finally convinces her to get into the van. Gina then falls asleep in his arms, and Alex holds on to her as a way of taking care of her during the car chase and subsequent stop. Gina stays asleep in Alex's arms as the police arrive.

The School For Scandal

Alex and Gina's interaction in this episode begins when Alex is being driven home from the police station after the events from the previous episode. He cannot get Gina off of his mind while his mother is yelling at him. Later, Alex is at school, angry over his cousin staying with him, and Gina calls his name. Alex angrily yells at her before knowing who it is, then immediately apologizes. She asks if he is okay and he tells her that he is having family problems, then asks her if she is okay from the other night. Gina doesn't remember most of the night's events, but Alex begins to tease her, reminding her of the things she said and telling her that she cannot hold her liquor. Gina worries that she gave Alex a bad impression, but he tells her she continues to impress him. Gina blushes and Alex tells her he has to leave for his class, and the two separate. Gina imagines herself singing Fallen as she watches Alex through the window of his classroom. Gina realizes that she has feelings she can't ignore for Alex, but she still is hesitant to give him her heart for fear of being hurt. The next day, Alex is about to talk to Gina at her locker when Andres approaches him. Alex tells the audience his main focus is Gina, and though he has his doubts, he wants to tell her how he feels about her. Alex goes to speak to Gina, but she is already gone. That night, in Alex's bedroom, Alex is sitting on the bottom bunk of his bed. He hears a knock, and tells the person to go away. Marisol tells Alex she wants to leave Seattle with closure, and doesn't want Alex to hate her. Alex tells her he doesn't hate her, that he can't stop talking about her and annoying everyone else. Alex tells Marisol it takes time to forgive, but the two are on okay terms for now. The two hug and as Marisol leaves, Alex lies down in bed. He realizes that he has now removed his worst baggage from his life and knows that if Marisol can move on and be happy with someone else, he can take that chance with Gina. The next day, after Alex reconciles with Andres, he sees Gina. Alex walks to Gina confidently for the first time in days and the two both share excitement as the conversation starts. Alex asks Gina on an official date, and she says she was thinking the same thing. Alex tells her that they are alike, and the two are silent while they realize how close they are to each other. Suddenly, Alex leans in and begins to kiss Gina. Gina closes her eyes, and both of them feel the connection between them. The two realize that this is exactly where they want to be, and there is an equal amount of passion in the kiss. Alex pulls back, happily shocked, and Gina exclaims, feeling the same way. Alex tells Gina he has to get to class, and Gina tells him to do that as she falls against the lockers, lovestruck once more. The two both join in on the group number of Troubeaux, both feeling romantic feelings for one another and excitement for their first date.

Songs Edit


Related Songs:

Season One
Song Episode Sung by
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic The Boomerang Effect Alex
Fallen The School For Scandal Gina
Troubeaux The School For Scandal Alex, Gina, Trae, and Zachary
Brave The Beast Unleashed Gina

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first relationship between two Savages to be mentioned.
  • This is the first mentioned heterosexual relationship on the show.
  • This is the first interracial relationship on the show.
  • This is the first relationship between two series regulars.
  • Alex and Gina are similar in that their first duet on The Savages was with their best friend, and their second was with each other.
  • Alex and Gina were, at the beginning of their relationship, plagued with insecurities about moving into a relationship with one another due to the fact that both had been hurt in relationships before. However, Gina begins to trust Alex due to the fact that the two knew each other in pre-school and Alex gets closure with his ex-girlfriend, allowing him to feel like he is able to move on as well. Once the two realize this, they agree to begin dating.