Alex-Carl Relationship
General Information
Nickname: Carlex
Intimacy Level: Best Friends
The Alex-Carl Relationship, known as Carlex, is the friendship between Alex Herrera and Carl Touché.

Background Edit

Alex and Carl are two of the five founding members of the Savages, and the only two to not hold office. As such, the two became best friends. Their relationship is built out of blunt honesty and tough love.

Storyline Edit

The Mafia

Carl and Alex's main interaction in this episode is when the two, as original members of The Savages, are recruited by Trae to help Gina become more badass. Trae and Carl help Gina learn how to shit talk well and how to have a bad attitude, and Trae and Alex help her learn how to fight better. Alex and Carl also are the two soloists who open Teenagers.

The Devil's Protégé

Carl, Alex, and Trae all sit together at lunch talking about Carl's date with Dirty Dan. As they begin to talk about Joe, Carl mentions that he finds Joe cute, to which Alex responds that Carl finds every guy cute. Alex and Carl also sing backup in Clique at the end of the episode.

The Boomerang Effect

Alex is standing in the hallway watching Gina when Carl comes up to him and tells him he is like the "Hispanic Al Yankovic". Alex says that doesn't make sense, and Carl says he isn't either. Carl tells Alex that he just stares, but won't approach Gina, and Alex says that every time he tries, she walks away or ignores him, and that she would even ignore a note if Alex wrote her one. Carl wonders why Alex would write a note in the technological day and age they live in, and Alex tells Carl he isn't helping. Carl tells Alex he needs to act natural, and Alex says he has. Carl jokingly asks Alex if he's going to stand outside of Gina's house throwing rocks, and Alex says he already tried that, but it poured rain and ruined the flowers he had for Gina. Joe comes up and says maybe Alex is trying too hard and coming off as a lover boy, which Carl agrees with. Alex brings up Marisol, his ex-girlfriend, and Carl rolls his eyes. Alex states he's been trying to find the one, and Gina is the one for him. Joe asks Alex if he thinks that he is the one for her, and walks off. Carl reminds Alex to be himself, and leaves as well.

A few days later, Carl gets aggravated with Alex continuing to talk about Gina, and tells him to lay off if she isn't interested. Alex gets upset and talks about Marisol, but Carl cuts him off before Alex can guilt trip him. Alex admits to Carl that he is still trying too hard, and Carl reminds Alex once again to act natural and to be himself. Alex agrees, saying Carl is probably right, and Carl agrees, saying he always is. Alex tells Carl not to flatter himself and leaves. Carl and Alex are present in the performance of Run This Town and sing backup, and are both shocked by the Slick Vik and Brian tape. Later, when Alex and Gina talk again, Gina reveals that Carl told her about what Sydney did to prevent their relationship, and tells Alex that he also told her that Alex has a thing for her. Alex tells her about his past, and the two connect, showing that Carl was right.

The Feminist Manifesto

Carl and Alex are in the group that goes to see Jurassic World at the movies. Carl says that the only reason that he is going is because people keep telling him a hot guy that looks like him is in it, and Alex reminds Carl not to touch himself, because they all know how Carl acts around hot guys. Carl responds by shooting Alex the middle finger. When Gina offers to get the snacks, Alex offers to help carry drinks and Carl sees right through that facade. He smirks and winks at Alex, then goes into the movie theater.

Later, when Rufus talks to Carl about joining The Savages, Alex watches from far away. Alex confronts Carl in Mr. Lee's Chemistry class, where the two are lab partners, and asks him what he was talking to Rufus about. Carl says he was giving him advice, and Alex says that Carl is now the Dr. Phil of the school. Carl agrees, saying his advice helped Alex with Gina. Alex presses Carl about what he was giving Rufus advice about, and Carl admits that Rufus is thinking of joining the Savages. Alex is upset and reacts loudly, causing a scene in their class. After the scene calms down, Alex tells Carl there is no way Rufus is joining the Savages, and Carl asks why. Alex reminds Carl that Rufus took his spot on the football team, and Carl reminds Alex that it wasn't Rufus' fault, he didn't even know that Alex had been kicked off the team. Alex says he thinks Rufus knew, but Carl just asks Alex to give Rufus a chance. Alex ignores him and remains stubborn.

Later, Alex sits away from the Savages when Rufus is being inducted. After that, Carl and Alex are interviewed together about what feminism means to them. Alex states that he believes that women are capable of doing more than just what they are traditionally instructed to do, but they are always deprived of their rights. Carl begins speaking about Nicki Minaj and gets distracted, which causes Alex to tell him to get to the point. Carl continues by saying that women are really becoming important in big industries, and Alex agrees.

Later on, Alex and Carl get into a bit of a fight when Alex says that he doesn't think Rufus fits in with The Savages and that he is coming in with an ego. Carl tells Alex that though Alex is his best friend, he needs to shut up and give Rufus a chance. Alex begrudgingly agrees.

The Wild Ride

Carl's storyline focuses mostly on his relationship with his parents blossoming relationship with Kyle and Alex's focuses mostly on his relationship with Gina, so the two mainly interact through background moments in this episode. Alex is present in the van ride with Carl and worries that Carl does not know the directions to where he is going. Alex is supportive and caring towards Carl when the van breaks down, being optimistic and telling him that everything will work out okay in an attempt to calm his friend down.

The School For Scandal

Alex's storyline focuses mostly on him butting heads with his family as well as his attraction to Gina and Carl's focuses mostly on listening to Watermelondrea's album, so the two mainly interact when Alex tells Trae and Carl that his cousin, Andres is back in town, to which Carl reminds Alex of when Andres made up the name "Carl With Balls In His Mouth". The two then discuss with Trae their love lives, with Carl saying that he isn't going to wait on Kyle and Alex saying that his attraction for Gina is stronger than it has ever been. Carl tells Alex he needs to act on it, and Alex tells Carl that he can't because of Andres. In the long run, Alex successfully follows Carl's advice.

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Trivia Edit

  • Alex and Carl are both original members of The Savages.
  • Alex and Carl are the first people to be mentioned in story as best friends.
  • Alex and Carl are lab partners in Mr. Lee's Chemistry class.
  • Both Alex and Carl's first duet was with each other.